Saturday, 11 May 2013

My oh my! New hair

Ohh dear, it's been quite a while hasn't it! I have been really struggling with exams and everything (slow internet grr) recently that I have had no blogging inspiration. Hopefully now that most of my hardest exams are out of the way, I can continue blogging as I really have missed it! 
Anyway my newest blog post is to showcase my new 'dramatic' new hair. I was bored of my ombre hair and was incredibly attracted to this colour when shopping at Tesco with my mum over Easter and since I saw it I couldn't get the thought of trying it out of my head. Then when I saw all the XXL color's were on sale at both Boots and Superdrug at the moment I knew it was meant to be :) 

Live Color XXL Colour Intense Cosmic Blue 90 - £3.99 at Superdrug

So, I done it:
From this... this :) 

Even though it's called 'Cosmic Blue' it looks black most of the time but in direct sunlight it does have a cool blue hue. I am very happy with the results (despite missing out a few strands of my hair, woops!). I do feel a bit like it's a 'new me' a little edgier than the average 'sweet girl' brunette haha!


Eda Love

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Music Mondays

Hello there, it's been a while again hasn't it...woops...
Anyway I have quite a few music obsessions this Monday but the one that has literally been on loop is this rather popular song at the moment:

I'm really getting back into this style of music again, makes me all nostalgic of Global Gathering 2011.
I would go back this year...but I'm poor (story of my life). Hope you like! 'Happy' Monday - that's almost like an oxymoron right?


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Varsity Blues

Maybe I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon or maybe it's because I'm becoming more of a fitness freak with my training for a half marathon, because all I want to wear these days is sportswear.
It's a trend that's always been lurking behind the sports luxe and 90s trends seen previous years. I think mainly because it's taken a while for the high street to perfect this look. Previously I thought the bomber jackets were rather sleazy/too colourful for my emo wardrobe and whenever I saw a raglan top I just thought of Zac Efron in High School Musical (anybody else?!). However these five pieces definitely swayed me towards the Varsity trend as they are staple pieces that can be styled in a sporty yet edgy way with the demure colours and not too 'extra from High School Musical':

1. ASOS 'E' beanie - £10
2. Zara 'Black & White' Sweatshirt - £19.99
3. Topshop Raglan Sleeve Dress - £26
4. Topshop Premium Varsity Bomber Jacket - £60 (hefty price, but such an amazing jacket!)
5. Converse Leather Hi Black Mono - £59.99

Hope you like! Are you enjoying the Varsity trend is it 'so 2011' for you?

Eda Love

Monday, 11 February 2013

Music Monday's

So the uni OOTD failed...oops! I was quite unwell last week so I just threw on whatever was clean and hardly stylish to uni, therefore there was no point on posting them on here.
Instead today I bring you Music Monday. I always liked Lil Wayne and left the album playing on Spotify and this is definitely my new (depsite it being fairly old) favourite song:

Hope you like it too?

Finally, here's a photo of Alicia and I at a Black and White party, perfect occasion to wear my new Motel dress!

Eda Love

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

OOTD - Day at uni

Well well well, here is a long overdue OOTD.
I think this week (awkwardly starting on Tuesday) I will try and take a photo of what I wear to uni each day, a sort of 'university lookbook' we can call it.
So this is what I wore for my long hard day of one lecture hahaha...


awkward photo...

Dogtooth Coat - Oasis
Bag - Zara
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Supercosy Tights - Primark
Polka dot skirt - Monki
Polo neck jumper - charity shop
Belt - Primark
Bobble beanie hat - Oasis
Gold band rings - set from H&M
Gold chain necklace - ASOS
Nail varnish - Nail Inc 'London' + glitter

If you guys haven't picked up a pair of Primark's Supercosy tights, I urge you to. They are so soft with their fleece lining and really protect me from the Edinburgh chill!

Hope you like my OOTD today!

Eda Love

Monday, 28 January 2013

ASOS Treats

Whenever ASOS and Unidays collaborate to give us overworked and underpaid students 25% off, I cannot resist.
I might have slightly blew the budget this time...but I love all my new pieces. All prices below are shown before discount added as the discount is no longer available, sorry folks!

Motel Penny Smock Dress - £45, a pricey item for sure but I was excited to get a lusted piece by Motel for cheaper than usual and not to mention it ticks three of this Spring/Summer's trends: monochrome, stripes and smock shape! Perfection!
3 Row Twist Necklace - £8, wouldn't usually justify paying so much for costume jewellery but it's such a statement piece that I will wear again and again, day and night. 
Barry M High Shine Gel Finish Nail Polish in Prickly Pear -  £3.99, a bit of a random purchase I know but with the 25% discount and the fact I have been wanting this shade for a while I thought 'why the hell not?'
Tutu Leather Peep Toe Shoe Boot - I did not receive the student discount with these babies as they were already on sale for £27.50 down from £50...cannot complain! 
So did you guys pick up any sneaky purchases to cheer you up with the workload that's already piling up despite only being a couple weeks into the semester?

I have gone a bit crazy on the shopping front recently - definitely on a spending ban from now on...which is proving very hard since ASOS now have 70% sale on lots of more items!

Eda Love

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year Purchases

Well it's been quite a while since I've blogged and I feel terrible for neglecting my blog but I've been so busy with exams and know how it is!
However my New Years resolution is to blog more often and hopefully this year I'll stick to it, especially since I've got some lovely new pieces in my wardrobe at Christmas and in the sales that I cannot wait to show them off in OOTD's.
Here are the first few things I brought this year:

Topshop Grey Speckle Roll Neck Jumper - I wanted this when it first got reduced to £12, but I'm so glad I waited as I got this super cosy jumper for just £6.30 (£7 with no student discount)
I was quite unsure on this Primark cut out blouse as it was a size 12 but the cut out collar detail, the fact that it's monochrome (a big trend for 2013 I hear?) and that it was only £5 down from £10 sure did persuade me! 

I picked up these fairly bright blue wash Lee vintage shorts in the amazing YMCA charity shop in Harlow. They have tons of denim shorts/cut offs for crazy low prices compared to elsewhere! They only cost me £5.98 , not even on sale, which is a bargain as places in Edinburgh/London charge over £20 for vintage shorts. 
Finally I got a Coconut Body Shop Body Butter as I received a £3 Giftcard with a magazine and  as I need a body lotion, got this 50ml £5 tub for £2 :)
The Topman silver tooth chain necklace was an impulse buy whilst browsing Topman, was half price and with student discount only cost £1.89, not bad eh?! 

I would like to believe I won't go shopping again for a while, but I know as soon as I get my student loan I'll be running to Princes Street hehe! Got my eye on quite a few things, a New Year Wish List will get posted very soon if you are interested....
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!

Eda Love