Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Long time no sprechen

So yet again I have left a huge space of time between my posts.
This is was YET AGAIN due to lack of internet and also actually being rather busy!
A quick update of some of the things I have been up to this summer:

Mega shopping London shopping weekend/helping Farah (happytoasts) move into her new place.
Had a lovely long weekend shopping and going on what seemed a 'Starbucks tour of London' as we went to that many Starbucks' multiple times a day hahaha.
Some photos from the weekend, including one of Farah perfecting the 'blogger pose' 


Next onto the...GLOBAL GATHERING FESTIVAL - my first ever festival! Saw so many amazing DJs and acts! Steve Angello, Jaguar Skills, Pendulum, Above & Beyond, Axwell and Carl Cox...just to name a few hahaha!

Q: What else had I been up to in my summer back at home?
A: Spending time with my family, boyfriend, friends, more shopping...studying...and of course EATING!

Last Friday I moved into my new flat in Edinburgh and I'm loving being back in this city again especially with the Fringe festival going on...I might try dragging my boyfriend to some shows when he comes up to Edinburgh this weekend :)
On other note...I...STILL...DON'T...HAVE...THE INTERNET! Unless you count the university library...we were meant to get the internet in our flat today but some confusion with the provider meant it might not come until next week!?
Anyway I would say this summer overall has been rather lovely...but the best parts are still yet to come! Such as my boyfriend coming here this weekend for my BIRTHDAY next Tuesday anddddd....
Alicia and I are going to....
LEEDS FESTIVAL...on the 25th August
THE STROKES! (and many other bands of course)
OK OK FARAH...ONE OF My life goalS is going to be accomplished all thanks to Alicia who suggested going :) I love her!
I am one happy girl :)

I would like to add one last note about what is going on in London. I am disgusted at the 'rioters' destroying our country's beautiful city claiming they are doing it to 'show the rich and the government they can do what they like'...if these people want their voice to be heard...looting and burning their OWN neighbourhoods is not working. I literally cannot believe the videos I'm watching on BBC News are real and from London, it seems so surreal like scenes from a movie.
I hope these riots do not spread anymore and I fully support the police, government and all the people helping the clean up of London and other areas of England affected.


  1. Neat post... wanna follow each other =)

  2. Yessss I concur! Especially when these riots have left me home for several days, too scared to go out!!

    Also, loving the mention! Your life goal is just to see the strokes? Ed, that's a bit sad! Hahaha.


  3. omg you're gonna see the strokes?! that's totally cool! I loveee them have a great time and take lots of pics!

  4. so jealous about the strokes. the riots were so shocking, i'm still shellshocked! xx

  5. Thank you so much for the follow/comment and in return followin u back =)

  6. cute photos! and i love both outfits! :)

    p.s. i saw the london riots on the news here in los angeles. it's really sad, i do hope everything works out well over there.

    <3, Mimi