Saturday, 31 March 2012

Missguided Wishes

Ok so Missguided is getting it so right at the moment! I'm loving so many pieces and as soon as I get some money, I would like to take these items of my wishlist and into my wardrobe.

Zeya Cream Suede Flatforms- £26.99

Gerlyn Drop Armhole Cross Vest - £13.99

Maurice White Sheer Pleated Shirt Dress- £27.99

Alysse Chain Print Shirt Dress - £24.99

Paella Studded Denim Shorts - £29.99

Romie Frayed Lilac Denim Shorts - £19.99

Shaeni Floral Cut Out Dress - £22.99

Believe me when I say this was the extremely edited wishlist! As reasonably as Missguided's pricing is, the extent of my list does not make the total amount reasonable at all!!!
I think my favourite has to be the flatforms. So pretty and I could still wear them comfortably around uni and not look like an awkward idiot who goes to uni in heels...because as much as I wish I could, I really don't have the 'swagger' to get away with wearing major heels to uni without people giving me like 'someone is overdressed for the library' glances. 
The countdown to student finance payment day begins! Haha!

Eda Love

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Old Photos

So I was going through my old email and I got a Flickr email update. I joined Flickr when I was 16/17 year old and going through that whole 'I'm a wannabe photographer with my digital camera' phase...we all go through it.
Anyway I found some I actually still like (modest aren't I? Haha) and I thought I'd share the two that were my favourite. The first of me, and the second of my oldest sister.
So thoughts? Shall I give up on the pretentious 16 year old 'dream' or shall I actually go out and buy a proper camera and starting taking photos again (and by photos I don't mean the regular drunken antics from nights out)?
Don't worry I'm not going to call myself a freelance photographer or pretend I actually know anything about photography, you can tell me my photos are crap if you like. For now it's just a hobby right.

Also does anyone have any SLR camera recommendations?

Eda Love

Monday, 12 March 2012

Music Mondays

I really do find out about good music really late.
Anyway, this song is so pretty :) a bit like Laura Marling (but not as annoying and more catchy)

I am such a lazy blogger I know, I had a lot of essays and uni work recently so have been stressed out with them...but now they are done, hopefully I can blog more.

I'm having a clean out of my wardrobe, selling my stuff so I can buy new stuff :)
If you want to check out what I'm selling (I will keep adding more items) here's the link Eda's eBay

Have a lovely week and hope you enjoy this Monday's music!

Eda Love