Thursday, 22 September 2011

Winter Staples

I got my Student Finance on Monday and went a tad crazy in Princes Street. I would usually be quite guilty at how much I spent. To be honest I'm not feeling bad about these purchases as they are essential pieces I can wear over and over again this season in many different ways/with different outfits without me getting sick of them.

1.ZARA - Gold Metallic Thread Sweatshirt - £19.99

2.H&M - White Basic Loose Shirt - £7.99

3.H&M - Imitation Leather Trousers (with jersey side panels) - £14.99

4.URBAN OUTFITTERS - Cooperative Green Paid Structed Satchel - in sale £22

5.URBAN OUTFITTERS - Deena & Ozzy Cuffed Black Boots - £48

Monday, 19 September 2011

What does one wear to Weddings?

 This October I am a guest at my boyfriend cousin's wedding. I'm rather excited, especially as it's my first proper English wedding.
I have been looking for dresses since early summer and I set my heart on this very pretty dress that was in Topshop, nude mesh skater dress with black lace flowers. Sadly I assumed it might still be in stock in September (when I would have the money to afford it) however it's completely out of stock in store and online...I've searched eBay and couldn't find it in my I've had to look for new options.
So my favourite choice so far is...

I think this MissGuided 'Cristina Lace Pleat Dress' in Wine would rather suit an October wedding. Also the fact it's a skater style is great for me because it's the cut that's generally the most slimming on me since I have a fat ass but smaller waist.
The good thing about this dress it's basically half the price of the Topshop one I wanted, which means I can spend some more on accessories. I'm think black tights, black heels, some dainty gold rings and cute drop earrings.
Any thoughts/ideas?

On another note, I'm so so happy to be back at University. My first day today went well and I'm really glad to be going into year 2 of English Language and Linguistics as well as picking up an outside course - Criminology which going by the first lecture, I think I'm really going to enjoy.
I'm going to be a very smart and healthy student this year.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Leeds Festival

 Yes I know I have been very late with this post, but here are some of the photos from Leeds.
Sadly my camera decided to break the first few hours of the festival (I blame the crazy spinny ride, my camera couldn't handle it's power). Yet luckily Alicia brought her camera as well so here are some random photos of the weekend...when I mean random, I mean the ones where I don't look completely like a drunk drowned rat.

We sadly didn't get so many great photos of any of the shows as the camera couldn't handle all the flashing lights/we were unable to steady our hands from being pushed around by the crowd. The one above is of The Strokes. As amazing as they were, it was probably the most violent of all the shows that weekend. We got to the main stage very early to get near the front row but sadly being right near the front meant we were pushed around, falling to the ground and had our toes tread so much...despite my attempts to control the crowd by randomly shouting 'WOULD EVERYONE JUST STOP PUSHING!' like I was the teacher or something (cringe. God I'm annoying)

Got to see so many artists;
The Strokes, The Kills, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rubberbandits, Peter Doherty, Sub Focus, Nero, Simian Mobile Disco, Bedouin Soundclash, Bombay Bicycle Club, Patrick Wolf, The Streets, Pulp, The Naked and Famous, The National...and probably more I have forgotten.

Some key things to summarise the weekend:
Mud mud mud/Fake tattoos/Intense rain/Overpowering heat/greasy hair/chips with ketchup/corny silent disco/tent fires/walking bare foot in the mud/speed peeing/anti-bacterial gel and one of the last times we could say to each other 'down it Fresher'...

Without sounding so cheesy and was one of the best weekends of my life with great memories, so thank you so so much Alicia for everything over the festival...and for putting up with my moaning about the weather. Haha!