Monday, 30 January 2012

Music Mondays

Today it shall be the lady who has sparked much controversy: Lana Del Rey. I frankly don't care whether she has had work done on her face to be sexier, or has a complete overhaul on her original look to be more appealing to the music world. Performing and music is turning into an art form now, with examples like Lady Gaga wearing her outrageous outfits, so we should all leave Lana alone right? Who cares if her daddy is a millionnaire and is the only reason she is now successful, her songs and her look are beautiful and original, so who cares how and why she rose to fame?

I sound like I'm her number one fan, supporting her from the very be honest I only started listening to her this past week.
I have always heard her name be mentioned as a 'rising star' and I knew I should have a listen, but being my lazy self, I couldn't be bothered. It wasn't until my friend Alicia mentioned her and started playing the songs in the flat, I realised that Lana Del Rey is actually amazing. Haha. I have heard the song Video Games in so many programmes like Gossip Girl and I was always like 'I like this song, I wonder who sings it...' but forgetting to find out...but now I know.
So to celebrate the launch of her album today 'Born to Die', I thought I would make her my Music Monday pick.

Eda Love

Friday, 13 January 2012

Jumping on the Romwe bandwagon

I keep seeing the amazing clothes on some of the top bloggers such as on Morven from Cats and Rocking Chairs and when I scroll down to see where it's from it keeps happening to be from Romwe - the website for the 'Latest Street Fashion Online'.
Here are some of my picks:
Rib Rose Jumper - £36.54
Denim Collar Contrast White T-Shirt - £26.57

Black and White Dot Shirt - £24.58
Retro Peter Pan Collar Apricot Dress - £24.58
Mock Two Pieces Black Dress - £21.92
Gold/Silver Three Finger Ring - £7.97
Retro Blue Message Bag - £54.48

I think my favourite pick is the Mock Two Pieces dress, I've never owned anything like it so I love it for it's originality. What's your favourite?
What's even better about this site is it has free shipping worldwide and no minimum purchase is needed to get it! Only problem...I don't understand why most of their clothes are ONE SIZE. How can a dress like the Peter Pan one fit anyone and everyone? I like dresses to fit me snugly so not sure how great this dress will look. Damn, such a bummer because I was really tempted to buy it.

Eda Love

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

California Dreamin'

As you may have heard, the line-up for Coachella has been announced and my-oh-my is it a crazily amazing one:

It would be such a dream to go. I watch the highlights and see the photos from the previous years and it seems so perfect. Of course Coachella is famous for attracting the hottest (skinniest) and most stylish people. Therefore chubby, little me with a wardrobe consisting of high street, Scottish weather suitable attire is quite daunted. However it's my dream to go, so I guess I can make a dream list of the things I would pack. It sure as hell is a dream because there is no way in reality I'd wear a $350 necklace to a festival!


Acne oversized t shirt
$120 -

Rag bone oversized tee
$115 -

TopShop leather jacket
$300 -

TopShop short shorts
£32 -

Zadig Voltaire mini skirt
$480 -

$60 -

J.Crew j crew jeans
$125 -

Zara boots
$159 -

Fiona Paxton chunky necklace
$350 -

TopShop wooden earrings
$12 -

TopShop black fedora hat
$50 -

Illesteva keyhole sunglasses
$260 -

Ahhh a girl can dream. Maybe I'll close my eyes as I listen to this, I just pretend I'm there (I'm not insane)...or I could just save money and go? Hmmm...

Eda Love

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Been a long time...

I'm back in Edinburgh after having such a lovely Christmas time at home (despite having no internet)
So Happy New Year everyone. I surprisingly haven't broken any of my New Years resolutions as of yet (might be because I've made them easier this year e.g. chocolate is still allowed haha).
One of my main resolutions is to blog more. Starting with today.
Thought I'd show you one of my outfits over Christmas:

This is what I wore Boxing Day to brace the crazy crowds at the Stratford Westfield.
My new aaaamazing checked coat of my dreams is from Oasis
Grey shirt - Topshop
Leather panelled trousers - H&M
Chelsea boots - H&M
Bag - H&M
Turquoise ring and long triangle earring - Christmas gifts from Farah (Forever 21)

Here also is one of my new hairstyles...the top knot...this is so wild for me because for the last year the only two hairstyles I wear are: a little bit of right hair clipped back OR a little bit of my hair plaited and clipped to the side. HAHA I really like variation don't I? The top knot seemed to go well with my family, all claiming I should do my hair like this more often, what do you think?

 Ahh doesn't Farah look very chic and lovely. I am forever jealous of that snakeprint blouse from Zara. You guys must check out Farah's jewellery, Designs by FaraM. I've seen some of her new pieces for this year and they are expectionally beautiful and I'm not just being biased because she's basically my sister haha! So please keep updated with her line on Facebook: DesignsbyFaraM

...and finally here is a photo of our Christmas tree, it was so pretty.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying 2012!

Eda Love