Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oooh I want!

I've stumbled across before, you've probably heard of it, they create designer inspired pieces or clothes that are usually seen on the top bloggers like Chiara (The Blonde Salad) and Andy (Style Scrapbook).  Nothing really incredibly took my fancy until today...


Instantly I fell in love with this Vegan leather biker coat 
I do love me some 'leather'. Also it looks VERY similiar to the Burberry Prorsum leather trench I have being lusting over since viewing their Spring 2011 you can imagine my excitement when I found this version on Storets at a fraction of Burberry's price.

Burberry Prorsum - $4,495
Storets - $168

Plus free shipping!

Sadly I don't have enough money to spare on it now but I'm reeeeally hoping they'll still have it in stock after Christmas!

p.s. Grant, I know you are looking on my blog - this is not a Christmas present hint, don't buy it for me! Hehee :) 

Eda Love

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winter Wonderland

My boyfriend came up and visited me this week and it was so lovely.
We saw the new Twilight (cringe), shopping (two new Zara purchases and got Grant into Zara men, we are turning into a Zara couple now haha), went to Ikea for the yummy Swedish meatballs and it wouldn't be a typical Grant and Eda weekend without binging on tons of Pizza Hut...

Thursday was the opening of the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland, so we joined in with the festive spirit and had a look around whilst gobbling down warm sugared donuts (if you hadn't already guessed; we really like food!).
Warning: don't go on the ferris wheel in the extremely windy and cold conditions, not as romantic as we thought...Grant was whimpering like a little girl about how we were going to die whilst I tried and failed to take decent photos of the view of below from the top. I was more afraid that the wind would make me drop my camera if I put my hand outside the carriage so sorry for the view 'through bars'. Such wimps!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pretty pink

I just had to share this...I know, I know another similiar photo of my favourite view of Edinburgh...but last Saturday there was the pinkest sunset over the castle. Sadly I could only take a photo with my blackberry so I couldn't fully capture it's beauty...but isn't it just so pretty?

Anyway, I've finally found a job and I really enjoy it, so yay to no more student poverty! Yet it's why the time between my posts is really widening.

I keep promising myself to update more...

Thank you all again for all the lovely comments :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Monki Wish List

As the weather is getting colder and colder every day in Edinburgh and a mere 5 minutes of being outside my nose resembles Rudolph...I start day dreaming about winter clothes I can layer up and snuggle up in.
So look at these Monki winter beauties, if it warms up the Scandinavians it'll be good enough for us in Scotland right?

Annina sweater - 30 euros

Jossi sweater - 35 euros

Agatha dress - 40 euros

Velma loose knit jumper - 30 euros

Elena cape - 80 euros

Totty gloves - 6 euros

Cameron chunky knit snood - 18 euros

Sally furry hat - 18 euros

Too much navy, black and grey again. Slap my wrists or something, but I just cannot resist these shades.
Now with all this just wear 2 pairs of 60 denier tights, 2 long sleeved tops, 2 pairs of socks and finally a solid pair of boots (with grips to avoid making a fool of yourself in on the snow/ice!) and you'll be all set for the winter! Haha!
Hope you like, what are you favourites?

Eda Love

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Outfit of Yesterday

Pink tweed jacket - Oasis
Jeans - Primark
Sheer long black shirt - H&M
Loafers - ASOS

This was the first time I wore my new Oasis jacket I got as a gift, and I just love it! The pretty pink and gold tweed made me feel all girly on top of my gothic outfit. The fluorescent line accents on the sleeve zips and pockets really add a modern edge to a classic tweed jacket. It's just so sleek, sadly my rubbish camera failed to give it much justice.

Anyway! University assignments and essays are done and I'm planning to use my time now on developing my blog (as well as revising for winter exams ad trying to find a job!)
So I have quite a few ideas, so please keep reading my blog. Also thank you for all the lovely comments and new followers, your support makes my little blog and I very happy!

Eda Love 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Born this way?

So my ambitions of being a regular blogger failed once again! I was doing fairly well on the blogging front, Music Monday's and all that, until these past two weeks of incredible 'busy-ness'. Firstly the wedding (it was amazing by the way and my dress, the red Miss Guided one, got me lots of compliments), then being back at home, rushing back to Edinburgh, dealing essay dramas and finally HALLOWEEN...

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Even when I was very young crying on the floor demanding my mother would allow me to go trick or treating on my own since none of my sisters were interested...
Throughout the years I've been all the typical things: a devil, a witch, a vampire (too many times!), just donning a scary face mask or the lazy cheap idea of being a 'dead Eda'. This year I had to plan my outfit very last minute (being a couple of hours before heading out). As I racked my brains for something that was different, cheap, easy but still quite stylish looking, I remembered the Lady Gaga video 'Born This Way' with Rick Genest (the guy who permanently has his face tattooed as a skeleton).

I trawled through endless Youtube make up tutorials on how to do it, either they required too many make up tools or didn't look the way I wanted it to...I finally came across iwanted2c1video and her tutorial was just amazing, all I needed was an eyeliner!
Ok so I'm not the most talented make up artist, my face was no way near as good as in Lady Gaga's video, but I think I still looked scary (which is the whole point of Halloween, right?!) and people did like it and realise what I was aiming for.
So what do you think?

Alicia was a 'woman killed and drowned by her husband'. Pretty dark stuff haha!

I'm wearing:
H&M Leather Panelled Trousers
H&M white shirt
H&M Blazer
H&M brogues

Oh dear! I didn't realise until just now writing it all done that I was head to toe H&M! Haha!
However my 'bowtie', well just a ribbon...was actually the straps of my old Topshop canvas shopper bag, tied together and put around my neck as a bow.

Hope you all had a good Halloween!