Monday, 28 March 2011

Take a walk on the wild side...

Turns out I couldn't resist the Topshop sale and yet again couldn't stay away from black. I'm trying really hard to avoid buying black clothes as recently it seems like all I buy, I even tell whoever is shopping with me to make sure I don't buy black. Yet I went shopping on my own today. Believe me I tried to seek out colours: I tried on mint and salmon coloured jeans in Zara, looked terrible on me. Tried burdundy peg leg trousers in Topshop, I looked like I instantly gained 20lbs. A baby blue top in H&M totally washed me out etc etc etc. I came to the conclusion I cannot work this 'colour blocking' or just general summery colours.
As much as I want to, I think I should just stick to my style that's fairly recently developed: leather, black, zips, chains, studs, ripped, fringed, distressed, gold, silver, khaki and denim...and tailored pieces. Not the most summery or maybe not the most 'in style' but whatever it's my style, I like wearing it and I'm not going to go put on a fluro pink and orange dress just because [insert fashion magazine of choice] told me to.
So this summer I'm going for a sort of 'New York rock chick meets L.A surfer girl'. If you get what I mean.
On that note, here is what I brought from the Topshop sale which is totally going to fit in with the look I'm going for...

This Topshop black fringed vest was originally £22, but marked down to £7 (£6.30 for me because of Student discount).
Sorry for the messy room in the photos, I'm packing to go home tomorrow! Excited!
I'm pretty proud of myself for only walking away from Princes St with just this top and nothing else for myself. Main reason for going shopping was because it's my mum's birthday soon as well as Mother's day. I ended up buying her this pretty floral shirt from Zara :)

Conclusion: I'm not totally rejected colours, but I'm not abandoning my love for black (liking black does not make me an emo or vampire so ssh). I'll leave you with the fine lyrics of Lou Reed and hope you have/had a lovely Monday...

Jackie is just speeding away
Thought she was James Dean for a day
Then I guess she had to crash
Valium would have helped that bash
Said, Hey babe,
Take a walk on the wild side
I said, Hey honey,
Take a walk on the wild side

Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Strokes

The Strokes have always been my favourite band ever since I was like 13. I am in love with every single album, even though I heard them in reverse order...first heard the song 'Juicebox', brought their third album 'First Impressions of the Earth', played on repeat. Then 'Room on Fire', second album, played it to poor family. Then got given the first album 'Is This It' as a Christmas present, fell deeper and deeper in love with The Strokes...posters and photos of them on my walls and everything haha. I just feel like each album is different, yet so 'The Strokes' each time. I cannot pick a favourite. The albums never grow old or boring, I can always go back to them months or years later and still be wowed by them.
Not only is their music AMAZING but they have that style that looks so effortlessy cool. Leather jacket, Converses and skinny jeans never looked so good. They are some seriously good looking men too haha (mmm drummer Fabrizio Moretti, guy on the right on second row mmm)

Ever since 2005 I have been eagerly waiting for new Strokes material, so I was EXTREMLY excited when I saw someone post the link to the new album 'Angles' preview a couple of weeks back on Facebook. I was writing an essay in the library, very early morning and I remember letting out a 'squeal' of happiness which gave me a few dodgy looks.
On first listen I was like 'yeh ok this is fairly good, not that 'Strokey' haha. Nothing seemed to really stand out to me at first and I was sort of disappointed, but now a few listens in and I'm hooked. I really like their 'new direction' and listening to it more I can notice the 'Strokiness'...yes I'm making up words...AH I'm in love, defo one of the albums I will play on repeat this summer.
Here are some of my favourite tracks:

Track 4 - You're So Right
Track 5 - Taken For A Fool
Track 6 -Games
Track 9 - Metabolism

Hope you like my favourites, you can hear the rest of the album here:


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Sunny Day

...and everyone says Scotland has miserable weather!
Today was just such a pretty day. Woke up early to the sunshine (and noisy construction workers outside my window, oh well not everything can be perfect) and met my friend Belle for Starbucks. Took our coffees (iced skinny mocha for moi, mmm) to the Meadows, which is such a beautiful park right near my flat in Edinburgh. I'm so cheesy I know but I loved just sitting on a huge tree stump people watching and talking about how fast the first year of uni has gone. Tomorrow is my last official day of lectures/tutorials then FINISHED...well revision time and then two exams in May, but FINISHED. Feels like only a month ago I waved goodbye to my family, sat all alone in a scary, empty flat waiting for flatmates to arrive. Anyway enough of the cheesefest. Here is what I wore today, it's not particularly summery...I don't actually have many 'summer summer' clothes at the moment, I left my really summery dresses at home. Plus it wasn't exactly like 40 degrees or anything...even though a few topless men obviously thought so...
Oh and I'm trying to find new places to take photos in this flat...well this consisted of putting my camera on the fire alarm button box. How akward would it have been if one of my flatmates came home just as I was taking the photos...
One shoulder leopard print dress - Zara
Denim Jacket - Tammy Girl 

Not that you can see but I just wore my usual black studded Barratts brogues as well.

God I look terrible and so yes moving on...just casually flashing my new rings I brought from H&M on Princes Street, hahaha...well all of the thin bands and the large shield like ring, the other two rings I owned before. I decided to go for silver rings as I'm getting frustrated at how quickly the gold ones rust.
Ohhhhh and 'why flash the Passport too?' may you ask, well because I'm SUPER excited and keep showing off (sorry I haven't been on holiday since 2008, finally get to make good use of this recently renewed Passport) about how today I just booked my flight to see my sister in Marseille, South France in less than 2 weeks....eeeeek. SUN SUN SUN! BEACH BEACH BEACH! Only £28 for my flight I love Ryanair.
Hope you all had lovely sunny days too. Thanks again so much for all your comments :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

There's a mouse in the house

Oh dear, my so-called favourite Zara trousers are now a rush attempt to fix a ring I spilt Uhu glue down them. Thinking I magically removed the stain with nail varnish remover, I wore them out...looked all fine until few hours later, sitting in the library I notice the stain has returned and it's not the prettiest and not in the best location either hahahhaa! Damn.
So yes I went to the Library yet again, seems like my new home, and finished yet another essay assignment. I think the main reason I go to the University Library is just for the cheaper Skinny Cappuccinos and lemon poppyseed muffins from the Library cafe mmm. Anyway I'm getting used to just eating Library food recently, firstly because of the essays I've been slaving over, secondly because there is a mouse in my student flat's kitchen! For months we've had suspicions but last night I saw it with my own eyes...I could not stop freaking out...don't want to eat in there ever again! Which consequently explains my next two dinner £1 large chips (well the remains of) and Starbursts for healthy...

I still have one more essay to finish, it's for Linguistics...OH JOY, it's just the favourite of all my university courses...ha! This is what I should be getting back to...ESSAY ESSAY ESSAY (ohh and hahaha woops I'm stalking my own blog)
...Not this...which basically is me playing dress up, dancing around to the The XX. Bad Eda.

Anyway I'm probably boring you now, I'm just trying to make more and more distractions to avoid this essay. However Linguistics is calling me...goodbyeeeeee for now!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mor ve Ötesi

So when thinking about starting this blog I also wanted to blog about music.
Whilst I've already made my Sinatra obsession clear, here are one of my other obsessions...Mor ve Ötesi.
Probably one of the coolest Turkish bands ever. Since hearing them all the way back in 2004, I just loved  them. Most of the time Turkish music makes me cringe, yet when I heard this band I was just like 'wow' at how different it seemed to the rest of the Turkish music. The album Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (The World is Telling Lies) is still one of my favourite albums to date. I thought I'd share some of the songs with you because frankly you don't have to understand the lyrics to enjoy the song, also Turkish really is a beautiful language. Anyway yes to the music...

Also I wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers as well as all the comments I have been receiving, I appreciate them all so much!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

So pretty

Yet another long space inbetween my blog posts, this time I have a valid reason...I had the hoo me. Only just got over it today, yaaaay! Another yay is that Turkey are no longer going to ban Blogspot, after all the fans on the Facebook page!/blogumadokunma
I don't live in Turkey so it wouldn't have affected my blog. However being Turkish, I find it pretty interesting to see what the Turkish fashion bloggers are wearing.
Anyway just a quick post on something I just spotted...
I've actually seemed to be avoiding overly girly clothing recently, when a few months ago it would be the first thing I went to. Yet I just browsed through Topshop's Limited Edition dresses and I'm kind of madly in love with this dress...
Limited Edition Lilac Vintage Lace Dress - £95

So I'll never actually buy this dress seeing as it's £95 and secondly because it's already out of stock online. Boo hoo. It's just so pretty and makes me feel all excited about Spring/Summer. I really do need to stop wearing black.