Monday, 12 December 2011

Revision Insanity - Music Mondays

Sorry I've been such a terrible blogger recently, but I have been revising for exams, working and developing the most disgusting cough known to man.
So yup I have been pretty stressed but I am incredibly happy as my wee little blog has 52 followers now! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, your comments make me smile :)
Once the exams are over I will be posting more outfit of the days and more frequently.
However for now I will share a quite different song for this week's Music Monday's...different being that it's not Drake (I cannot help how much I love him) and it's a Turkish artist: Teoman.
Enjoy! I hope it's good even if you cannot understand the Turkish.

p.s. Has anyone else been to the new Edinburgh Primark?! It's huuuuge!

Eda Love

Monday, 5 December 2011

Music Monday's return

I'm literally obsessed with Drake. Everyone knows it, especially my poor flatmates who have to deal with me listening to this album on repeat for the last month.
Every few days I have an obsession with a different song on the album.
Today it's this song. Even though it's an interlude, it's just amazing.

Thank you Drake for making my revision in this dull university library more bearable.

'Happy' Monday people!

Eda Love

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oooh I want!

I've stumbled across before, you've probably heard of it, they create designer inspired pieces or clothes that are usually seen on the top bloggers like Chiara (The Blonde Salad) and Andy (Style Scrapbook).  Nothing really incredibly took my fancy until today...


Instantly I fell in love with this Vegan leather biker coat 
I do love me some 'leather'. Also it looks VERY similiar to the Burberry Prorsum leather trench I have being lusting over since viewing their Spring 2011 you can imagine my excitement when I found this version on Storets at a fraction of Burberry's price.

Burberry Prorsum - $4,495
Storets - $168

Plus free shipping!

Sadly I don't have enough money to spare on it now but I'm reeeeally hoping they'll still have it in stock after Christmas!

p.s. Grant, I know you are looking on my blog - this is not a Christmas present hint, don't buy it for me! Hehee :) 

Eda Love

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winter Wonderland

My boyfriend came up and visited me this week and it was so lovely.
We saw the new Twilight (cringe), shopping (two new Zara purchases and got Grant into Zara men, we are turning into a Zara couple now haha), went to Ikea for the yummy Swedish meatballs and it wouldn't be a typical Grant and Eda weekend without binging on tons of Pizza Hut...

Thursday was the opening of the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland, so we joined in with the festive spirit and had a look around whilst gobbling down warm sugared donuts (if you hadn't already guessed; we really like food!).
Warning: don't go on the ferris wheel in the extremely windy and cold conditions, not as romantic as we thought...Grant was whimpering like a little girl about how we were going to die whilst I tried and failed to take decent photos of the view of below from the top. I was more afraid that the wind would make me drop my camera if I put my hand outside the carriage so sorry for the view 'through bars'. Such wimps!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pretty pink

I just had to share this...I know, I know another similiar photo of my favourite view of Edinburgh...but last Saturday there was the pinkest sunset over the castle. Sadly I could only take a photo with my blackberry so I couldn't fully capture it's beauty...but isn't it just so pretty?

Anyway, I've finally found a job and I really enjoy it, so yay to no more student poverty! Yet it's why the time between my posts is really widening.

I keep promising myself to update more...

Thank you all again for all the lovely comments :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Monki Wish List

As the weather is getting colder and colder every day in Edinburgh and a mere 5 minutes of being outside my nose resembles Rudolph...I start day dreaming about winter clothes I can layer up and snuggle up in.
So look at these Monki winter beauties, if it warms up the Scandinavians it'll be good enough for us in Scotland right?

Annina sweater - 30 euros

Jossi sweater - 35 euros

Agatha dress - 40 euros

Velma loose knit jumper - 30 euros

Elena cape - 80 euros

Totty gloves - 6 euros

Cameron chunky knit snood - 18 euros

Sally furry hat - 18 euros

Too much navy, black and grey again. Slap my wrists or something, but I just cannot resist these shades.
Now with all this just wear 2 pairs of 60 denier tights, 2 long sleeved tops, 2 pairs of socks and finally a solid pair of boots (with grips to avoid making a fool of yourself in on the snow/ice!) and you'll be all set for the winter! Haha!
Hope you like, what are you favourites?

Eda Love

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Outfit of Yesterday

Pink tweed jacket - Oasis
Jeans - Primark
Sheer long black shirt - H&M
Loafers - ASOS

This was the first time I wore my new Oasis jacket I got as a gift, and I just love it! The pretty pink and gold tweed made me feel all girly on top of my gothic outfit. The fluorescent line accents on the sleeve zips and pockets really add a modern edge to a classic tweed jacket. It's just so sleek, sadly my rubbish camera failed to give it much justice.

Anyway! University assignments and essays are done and I'm planning to use my time now on developing my blog (as well as revising for winter exams ad trying to find a job!)
So I have quite a few ideas, so please keep reading my blog. Also thank you for all the lovely comments and new followers, your support makes my little blog and I very happy!

Eda Love 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Born this way?

So my ambitions of being a regular blogger failed once again! I was doing fairly well on the blogging front, Music Monday's and all that, until these past two weeks of incredible 'busy-ness'. Firstly the wedding (it was amazing by the way and my dress, the red Miss Guided one, got me lots of compliments), then being back at home, rushing back to Edinburgh, dealing essay dramas and finally HALLOWEEN...

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Even when I was very young crying on the floor demanding my mother would allow me to go trick or treating on my own since none of my sisters were interested...
Throughout the years I've been all the typical things: a devil, a witch, a vampire (too many times!), just donning a scary face mask or the lazy cheap idea of being a 'dead Eda'. This year I had to plan my outfit very last minute (being a couple of hours before heading out). As I racked my brains for something that was different, cheap, easy but still quite stylish looking, I remembered the Lady Gaga video 'Born This Way' with Rick Genest (the guy who permanently has his face tattooed as a skeleton).

I trawled through endless Youtube make up tutorials on how to do it, either they required too many make up tools or didn't look the way I wanted it to...I finally came across iwanted2c1video and her tutorial was just amazing, all I needed was an eyeliner!
Ok so I'm not the most talented make up artist, my face was no way near as good as in Lady Gaga's video, but I think I still looked scary (which is the whole point of Halloween, right?!) and people did like it and realise what I was aiming for.
So what do you think?

Alicia was a 'woman killed and drowned by her husband'. Pretty dark stuff haha!

I'm wearing:
H&M Leather Panelled Trousers
H&M white shirt
H&M Blazer
H&M brogues

Oh dear! I didn't realise until just now writing it all done that I was head to toe H&M! Haha!
However my 'bowtie', well just a ribbon...was actually the straps of my old Topshop canvas shopper bag, tied together and put around my neck as a bow.

Hope you all had a good Halloween!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Music Monday's - Bedouin Soundclash

Not the newest song nor my newest obsession but it's the perfect soundtrack to this Monday.

Having just about recovered from some strange fever all weekend, I was actually excited to go to the library today and work on my English Language essay. However it has been heavy sideways raining all day and still is! So the 'trek' to the library whilst still slightly ill seems too daunting for weak little me. I am in no position to continue being ill, what with the wedding this weekend, so walking in the ice cold rain is not the best idea for full recovery...right?
So instead I'm having a fairly laidback day: listening to Bedouin Soundclash on repeat, organising my uni folders...all whilst sipping at endless cups of Earl Grey and gazing at my window wishing for the rain to stop so I can reunite with my lover that is the university library...hahaa!

I hope you love this song as much as I do.
I didn't really know much about this band until Alicia recommended I should have a listen to them to see if I'd want to see them at Leeds festival. I'm very glad she did and they ere just great live. Definitely one of my 'new' favourite bands.

Enjoy :)

Eda love

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Moves Like Jagger

I could not think of a decent title so I have just wrote the song I'm humming along to now.
Yes, I realise as a style blogger it's not cool to be so into such a mainstream song...I'm meant to be all prententious and be like 'I'm sorry Maroon who? Who's Christina blah blah? I only listen to The Velvet Underground darlinggg'...Well whatever, what's the point of avoiding songs you secretly love just because they are not 'alternative' enough? Right?? Right?


My facial expressions are so odd and scary.
Also I am very upset with how rubbish my new camera's quality is when it's on apologies for the grainy/blurry photo.
Nevermind I guess, it's about time I blogged my outfits here is my outfit of the day. Just had university today so nothing too dressy...lots of recently brought items though:

H&M Leather Panel Trousers
Salvation Army knitted jumper (£3!) 
ASOS black loafers (£15 in sale)
Urban Outfitters satchel

I'm going to have to finally give into my fear of someone else taking a photo of my outfits OUTSIDE, because the self timer and lighting in this flat are not so great....

Ohhhh and I have two favours to ask...
First - could you be so kind and check out the clothes/accessories I'm selling on eBay? Eda's eBay

Secondly - only recently I have discovered how amazing the Fashiolista website is, it's like creating my own little fantasy wardrobe and gaze at other people's loves...which is just perfect for little online window shopper me. So if you like to see my actual style (which means the style I'd have more of if I had more than just a student budget) please 'check me out'...HERE

Thank you all :) especially for the lovely comments.

Eda love

Monday, 10 October 2011

Music Monday's

So Monday has arrived again.
Drake really needs no introduction...

I. hate. Mondays.
Listening to this on repeat is the only thing that's keeping me focused on my Linguistics note making...oh and my 'i-focus' Vitamin water...but who knows whether a drink can help you focus. It's just a pretty pink colour and it just tastes good.

Enjoy :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Teased by Topshop

Why do you do this to me Topshop? Just when I tell myself to stop shopping, why must you introduce a 20% off Student weekend?

I cannot resist and tomorrow I'll be in Topshop happily purchasing these 'essential' items. Sure, they are pretty expensive but I have been lusting over them for a while now and being wardrobe essentials the 'cost-per-wear' will be low. Also...20% OFF!!

So if I purchase these four items, the student discount will save me...£27.20! That basically means that I get the top for free and a couple of the rings haha! 
I hope these will be worth living on a cheap diet of porridge, apples and pesto pasta on! 

Oh I got my hair finally cut this nothing different, just shorter. I'll have to 'show it off' in an outfit post soon! It's been such a long time since I done an OOTD post...

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Frank Ocean

I'm probably very late finding out about Frank Ocean. I used to always listen to Zane Lowe on Thursday nights on Radio 1 when I still lived at home and so was up to date with the newest music. However since being at uni, I forget about the radio and just end up listening to the same artists on my iTunes. Yet a couple of days ago I listened to Zane Lowe's show online and I couldn't and still cannot get this song out of my head.

I am obsessed with this song. Don't worry I don't relate to the lyrics haha!
So enjoy, this is the first post of my new idea 'Monday Music Obsession'  (I'll try and stick to this idea this time!)
Ohhh and apologies to my flatmates as I will be playing this loudly on repeat....until...NEXT MONDAY'S MUSIC OBSESSION. Ha. Ha.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Winter Staples

I got my Student Finance on Monday and went a tad crazy in Princes Street. I would usually be quite guilty at how much I spent. To be honest I'm not feeling bad about these purchases as they are essential pieces I can wear over and over again this season in many different ways/with different outfits without me getting sick of them.

1.ZARA - Gold Metallic Thread Sweatshirt - £19.99

2.H&M - White Basic Loose Shirt - £7.99

3.H&M - Imitation Leather Trousers (with jersey side panels) - £14.99

4.URBAN OUTFITTERS - Cooperative Green Paid Structed Satchel - in sale £22

5.URBAN OUTFITTERS - Deena & Ozzy Cuffed Black Boots - £48

Monday, 19 September 2011

What does one wear to Weddings?

 This October I am a guest at my boyfriend cousin's wedding. I'm rather excited, especially as it's my first proper English wedding.
I have been looking for dresses since early summer and I set my heart on this very pretty dress that was in Topshop, nude mesh skater dress with black lace flowers. Sadly I assumed it might still be in stock in September (when I would have the money to afford it) however it's completely out of stock in store and online...I've searched eBay and couldn't find it in my I've had to look for new options.
So my favourite choice so far is...

I think this MissGuided 'Cristina Lace Pleat Dress' in Wine would rather suit an October wedding. Also the fact it's a skater style is great for me because it's the cut that's generally the most slimming on me since I have a fat ass but smaller waist.
The good thing about this dress it's basically half the price of the Topshop one I wanted, which means I can spend some more on accessories. I'm think black tights, black heels, some dainty gold rings and cute drop earrings.
Any thoughts/ideas?

On another note, I'm so so happy to be back at University. My first day today went well and I'm really glad to be going into year 2 of English Language and Linguistics as well as picking up an outside course - Criminology which going by the first lecture, I think I'm really going to enjoy.
I'm going to be a very smart and healthy student this year.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Leeds Festival

 Yes I know I have been very late with this post, but here are some of the photos from Leeds.
Sadly my camera decided to break the first few hours of the festival (I blame the crazy spinny ride, my camera couldn't handle it's power). Yet luckily Alicia brought her camera as well so here are some random photos of the weekend...when I mean random, I mean the ones where I don't look completely like a drunk drowned rat.

We sadly didn't get so many great photos of any of the shows as the camera couldn't handle all the flashing lights/we were unable to steady our hands from being pushed around by the crowd. The one above is of The Strokes. As amazing as they were, it was probably the most violent of all the shows that weekend. We got to the main stage very early to get near the front row but sadly being right near the front meant we were pushed around, falling to the ground and had our toes tread so much...despite my attempts to control the crowd by randomly shouting 'WOULD EVERYONE JUST STOP PUSHING!' like I was the teacher or something (cringe. God I'm annoying)

Got to see so many artists;
The Strokes, The Kills, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rubberbandits, Peter Doherty, Sub Focus, Nero, Simian Mobile Disco, Bedouin Soundclash, Bombay Bicycle Club, Patrick Wolf, The Streets, Pulp, The Naked and Famous, The National...and probably more I have forgotten.

Some key things to summarise the weekend:
Mud mud mud/Fake tattoos/Intense rain/Overpowering heat/greasy hair/chips with ketchup/corny silent disco/tent fires/walking bare foot in the mud/speed peeing/anti-bacterial gel and one of the last times we could say to each other 'down it Fresher'...

Without sounding so cheesy and was one of the best weekends of my life with great memories, so thank you so so much Alicia for everything over the festival...and for putting up with my moaning about the weather. Haha!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Autumn Wishes

As you can see I'm very inspired by this whole 'Teddy Boy/60s Mod Rocker' look that's emerged this season from the Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent A/W shows and very present in high street shops like Topshop and Zara.
Wish me luck on adding these some what 'essentials' to my wardrobe...

Image sourced from Google.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gifts, treats and pretty jewellery

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I had a lovely day (basically birthday week as I was constantly treated and given gifts)
Got so so many lovely gifts by my friends and boyfriend, lots of jewellery (which is totally what I needed and will be showing off in future outfit posts) and so many sweets and cakes!
As I've mentioned before my friend (basically sister haha) Farah has her own jewellery line and she kindly gave me one of her pretty pieces called 'The Ella Necklace' for my birthday.
So here it is on me:

It's such a subtle but elegant piece, I'm looking forward to layering it with my other necklaces. My one is navy swarovski crystals with an 18 inches long silver chain. The great thing is that Farah can make alterations to customise the necklace for you. The crystals can be:

Lilac, Purple, Green, Aquamarine Blue
Mixed blue-green, Navy blue, Crystal AB, Ruby Red
...and the chain can be gold as seen in Farah's photo below:

Please check out her blog's jewellery line page here: Designs by FaraM

I frankly cannot wait for people to be like 'oh that's a pretty necklace, what shop did you get it from?'
and I can be all 'My friend/jewellery designer made it for me'.

Thanks again Farah :)

Also thanks everyone else who treated me on my birthday, love you all :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Long time no sprechen

So yet again I have left a huge space of time between my posts.
This is was YET AGAIN due to lack of internet and also actually being rather busy!
A quick update of some of the things I have been up to this summer:

Mega shopping London shopping weekend/helping Farah (happytoasts) move into her new place.
Had a lovely long weekend shopping and going on what seemed a 'Starbucks tour of London' as we went to that many Starbucks' multiple times a day hahaha.
Some photos from the weekend, including one of Farah perfecting the 'blogger pose' 


Next onto the...GLOBAL GATHERING FESTIVAL - my first ever festival! Saw so many amazing DJs and acts! Steve Angello, Jaguar Skills, Pendulum, Above & Beyond, Axwell and Carl Cox...just to name a few hahaha!

Q: What else had I been up to in my summer back at home?
A: Spending time with my family, boyfriend, friends, more shopping...studying...and of course EATING!

Last Friday I moved into my new flat in Edinburgh and I'm loving being back in this city again especially with the Fringe festival going on...I might try dragging my boyfriend to some shows when he comes up to Edinburgh this weekend :)
On other note...I...STILL...DON'T...HAVE...THE INTERNET! Unless you count the university library...we were meant to get the internet in our flat today but some confusion with the provider meant it might not come until next week!?
Anyway I would say this summer overall has been rather lovely...but the best parts are still yet to come! Such as my boyfriend coming here this weekend for my BIRTHDAY next Tuesday anddddd....
Alicia and I are going to....
LEEDS FESTIVAL...on the 25th August
THE STROKES! (and many other bands of course)
OK OK FARAH...ONE OF My life goalS is going to be accomplished all thanks to Alicia who suggested going :) I love her!
I am one happy girl :)

I would like to add one last note about what is going on in London. I am disgusted at the 'rioters' destroying our country's beautiful city claiming they are doing it to 'show the rich and the government they can do what they like'...if these people want their voice to be heard...looting and burning their OWN neighbourhoods is not working. I literally cannot believe the videos I'm watching on BBC News are real and from London, it seems so surreal like scenes from a movie.
I hope these riots do not spread anymore and I fully support the police, government and all the people helping the clean up of London and other areas of England affected.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Well, well, well

It’s been a while since I last did an ‘outfit’ post.
So yesterday I was feeling in the ‘dress up’ mood and had a little hour session creating outfits…well more like creating a mess of my room. Yes, I’m sorry, this was quite an impromptu one…hence having no make up on and bed hair. Also my room at home is teeny, hence the reason why it was rather hard to do full body shots…and to be honest you would not like to see the full body shot of me in these shorts…I have a lot of, as one would put it…‘junk in the trunk‘…hahahaaa.
Oh well I’ve started a healthy eating plan this Monday and added a lot more exercise into my regime so hopefully will look much much better and more confident in such miniature shorts.

Denim shorts - Topshop
Peterpan collared blouse - New Look…last Christmas gift from
Sunglasses - H &M
Handbag -  £3 in Primark sale

Maybe a few more weeks on this regime and I’ll actually step out in public in this outfit, not just in my bedroom! They say the camera adds 10lbs…but I think in most of my photos the camera seems to deduct 10lbs…I definitely look much chubbier in real life.
Swiftly moving on for my body woes…I recently joined Twitter and yes I am now a self-confessed Twitter-aholic…damn you Blackberry Twitter app! I added my Twitter feed to my blog so please, if you want to, follow me and/or leave me your twitter name so I can follow you.
Have a lovely week!
Eda love xxx

Friday, 1 July 2011

Guess who's back...

So yes this has officially been my longest break away from Blogger. I am stuck in my internet-less home…the only chance I get to go on the internet is if I go to town with my laptop…and believe me it is a pain having to lug my laptop there. Mostly because I haven’t got a laptop fitting sized yet still stylish bag…yes I am quite a drama queen. For this reason I return to Blogger with 3 of my favourite ‘new in’ affordable bags that I can hopefully squeeze my laptop in this autumn.

Forever 21, Grey Briefcase Bag - £29.75


ASOS Leather and Leopard Bag - £85

Urban Outfitters Ostrich Lady Satchel - £48 

A big thanks to Peach for awarding me with one of the versatile bloggers award.
I really want to get back into Blogger this month. I will try and do more outfit posts and hopefully in new locations…not just against my university bedroom wall hahaha.
Eda love xxx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online Window Shopping

What is there to do when exams are over and you have no money/too lazy to get dressed to do anything exciting outside - ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING! Am I the only one who gets excited making fake baskets reaching over £500 on many shops...oh and my Topshop one is currently exceeding £1000...oh dear...if only I was rich! Yes it does make me sad knowing I'll probably never own any of these items, but despite being such a waste of time, it is rather fun creating dream wardrobes and I like to class it as 'gaining experience and knowledge' of what's in the shops. I actually do this so much, especially with Topshop, that I can tell whenever an item someone is wearing is from Topshop and predict pretty much exactly how much it costs.
Anyway the items from my wishlist in this post come from a online U.S. store ThreadSence. I'd never heard of it, until I was catching up on on of my favourite bloggers 'Fashion Chalet' and when saw her wearing this pink blazer from this store. You can see how amazing Erika from Fashion Chalet looks in it here.
For now I'll just sit staring at the clothes, hoping somehow they will magically be in my wardrobe next time I look inside...

A Late Afternoon Blazer - $59

Charlotte Sweater Dress by Brandy Melville - $68

Lamixx Pullover Oversized Black Sweater - $42

Around the Rosie Denim Shorts by Insight - $65

Follow My Lead Lace Maxi Dress - $48

Spot the Difference High Waist Shorts by Mink Pink - $71

Ahhh a girl can dream...