Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online Window Shopping

What is there to do when exams are over and you have no money/too lazy to get dressed to do anything exciting outside - ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING! Am I the only one who gets excited making fake baskets reaching over £500 on many shops...oh and my Topshop one is currently exceeding £1000...oh dear...if only I was rich! Yes it does make me sad knowing I'll probably never own any of these items, but despite being such a waste of time, it is rather fun creating dream wardrobes and I like to class it as 'gaining experience and knowledge' of what's in the shops. I actually do this so much, especially with Topshop, that I can tell whenever an item someone is wearing is from Topshop and predict pretty much exactly how much it costs.
Anyway the items from my wishlist in this post come from a online U.S. store ThreadSence. I'd never heard of it, until I was catching up on on of my favourite bloggers 'Fashion Chalet' and when saw her wearing this pink blazer from this store. You can see how amazing Erika from Fashion Chalet looks in it here.
For now I'll just sit staring at the clothes, hoping somehow they will magically be in my wardrobe next time I look inside...

A Late Afternoon Blazer - $59

Charlotte Sweater Dress by Brandy Melville - $68

Lamixx Pullover Oversized Black Sweater - $42

Around the Rosie Denim Shorts by Insight - $65

Follow My Lead Lace Maxi Dress - $48

Spot the Difference High Waist Shorts by Mink Pink - $71

Ahhh a girl can dream...

Friday, 20 May 2011

MORE New purchases/Favourite Blogger Friday

So as of Wednesday, 4.30pm my first year of the University of Edinburgh had FINISHED! EXAMS OVER! WOO HOO!
What better way than to celebrate than go shopping! I intended on buying a night time-ish dress as we were going out clubbing that night...however I couldn't find any in my price range that I really loved. Instead I finally found a pair of denim shorts from Topshop that I really did fall in love with, and didn't look that bad on me as usually denim shorts do.

Originally £32, but having £3.20 left on my Topshop voucher and
 10% student discount made them £25.50 for me! £6.50 saving oh yes!

Also brought this bag from H&M, only £12.99. I was really lacking
in the small bag department so this is a perfect addition to my bag collection.



Whilst the title of my concept was 'Favourite Fashion Blogger Friday' I basically meant 'style' bloggers...however Fashion worked better with the alliteration. Probably my favourite style blogger has to be Jazzabelle's Diary.

Her photos and clothes are always beautiful, and we share a love for the V&A museum as well as Starbucks!! I seriously envy how cheaply she finds her clothes, she is a lover of Charity shops and manages to find amazing pieces for under a £1! Unfair! All the Charity shops I visit rarely have anything under £5...I'm defo going to have to visit the Charity shop she volunteers at in London, next time I go home to see if I can find myself such bargins.
I'm pretty sure if I could have anyone's wardrobe, I would love to have Jazzabelle' check out her blog, but I'm sure you've already heard of her, she is a very popular blogger...and why shouldn't she be? Her blog is such an inspiration.

Hope you all have great weekends! I will be including my two new items in a outfit post soon!

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Ok so my last blog post mysteriously disappeared...what is going on Blogger!? This happened after they supposinly fix the errors...gahhh.
Anyway seeing as my post still hasn't returned, I will rewrite it...
I mentioned how I've come up with the idea 'Favourite Fashion Blogger Friday' (my alliteration skills are so amazing and creative...ha!) I will write about the blogs that interest and inspire me and hopefully get you to check them out too. Yes I know today is Sunday, but this was originally posted on FRIDAY...Hahaha...
Anyway what better way to start (as well as continue the alliteration) with my good friend Farah's blog: happytoasts
Farah gives the best advice on fashion, hair and beauty. Her knowledge on all of these things are far superior to mine...however reading her blog has really taught me A LOT, especially about beauty as my beauty well...urm the laziest going...
On top of all that, you have to go have a look at her jewellery line of chains, pearls and Swarovski's all how I'll like to describe as 'wow' hahaha. Yes I use wow as an adjective...
My favourite piece has to be L'art Necklace:

I love the blend of the gold and silver chain. I'm always so anxious about mixing my gold and silver rings but I think with this necklace it works so well.

Anyway so my European History exam is tomorrow, fear and panic doesn't begin to describe my emotions right lovely long, neat nails are now the shortest wonkiest mess...poo : /

Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Purchases

Ok, what better way to relieve the pressures and stresses of exam time than....SHOPPING hahaha!
So here are my most recent buys...

These heels from Next were such a random buy. I went to Princes Street with my boyfriend on Monday and it started raining like crazy, being such wusses we ran into the nearest shop, being Next, to wait for the rain to calm down...whilst browsing little did I expect to find this beauties at only £25. They look so amazing under jeans and I'm hoping they will look just as good under my midi skirt. I'm thinking frilly socks and these heeled sandals...mmm I'm in love.

Ahhh lining up my new shoes does make this girl happy....however the eBay Topshop black sandals, which I mentioned in my last post, were not as attractive on me as I dreamt. They make my legs look chunkier and I'm not so keen on the gap at the heel...I contemplated returning them, but it just seemed like too much effort...I'll try and work them somehow....

Just a basic stripey jersey from H&M for £7.99...I never get bored of Breton stripe tops. However H&M left the security tag on this, only realised until I got home! God makes it look like I stole it, which I really did not, I'm going to storm into H&M (storming and arguing is not something I do well in shops, I'm usually all 'oh no don't worry, it's fine, I'm sorry I didn't notice, thank you thank you etc etc) and 'demand' they take it off and let me have it for free for causing such a 'nuisance' hahaha wish me luck.

H&M crazy alphabet print leggings - £7.99
Don't worry, I didn't seriously buy these leggings to wear out in boyfriend thought they were hilarious and practically forced me to buy them as a dare to wear when we (if we ever) go running. God they are so crazy, but when I tried them on they could be quite cute as loungewear/pjs.

Now for probably the most 'exciting' purchase, I FINALLY got a new phone...jumping on the bandwagon I brought the Blackberry Curve 8520. It's so much more advanced and interesting than my old phone...seriously I've become addicted and it's such a time waster; downloading apps, BBM, internet for free, constantly checking my Facebook, calling people way too much just because I have 300 minutes now...oh dear...oh well at least I can message my boyfriend and friends for FREE hehehe.
...and....FINALLY...I'm incredibly bad at keeping up a good skincare routine, however nothing makes me feel better than splurging at Body Shop. Recently my skin has become incredibly spot prone and my blackheads have always been a problem. Therefore I thought I should go buy a decent face wash...not my 75p Tesco one I have been using, which is probably doing more damage than help to my face. So I got this Body Shop Tea Tree wash, so far it hasn't really seemed to clear up my skin...but that may not be the products fault, probably...just maybe...has something to do with all the greasy food (hello Pizza Hut) and sweeties I have been eating recently hahaha.
Also I had run out of shower gel and again instead of getting some cheapo product I decided to treat myself with this Pink Grapefruit one, it's actually so delicious and leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. I cannot remember exactly how much each item cost, but I spent a total of £9.45 in Body Shop. Not so bad as my skin has been craving such good products.

Anyway that's enough, I must restrict my shopping from now on and focus on only on revision...hahahaha yeh right...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oooh eBay

It has taken me a while to get the hang of eBay auctions. I always used to start bidding when the item was 99p yet still had like 8 days left, so sure I was going to win this amazing item for just a few pence...oh my naïvity.
It wasn't until I lost a bid on these Topshop studded boots the other day that I finally realised how to work eBay. I was the highest bidder for the whole 5 minutes at the end of the auction...10 seconds remained and I was outbid at almost double my bid! So finally I realised you have to save bidding until the very last second, that way you don't increase the cost of the item throughout the auction...yes please don't laugh at how slow I am to grasp this, hahaha.
Anyway last night I FINALLY WON an auction, and it was on the item I've had my eye on the most on eBay: Topshop Black Naomi Lace Up Flat Sandal, size 5.

Only cost me £22.99 + £2.98 p&p. Sure it's not as cheap as I expected eBay items to be, but I have been watching other people sell exactly the same shoes and the bids reached over £35, so technically I was very lucky to get them at this price.
I believe these shoes were from Topshop last summer and original price was £40.
I'm so excited to be the proud owner of these :)
Getting extremely hooked to eBay right now, I'm watching over 100 items! I'm thinking about starting to sell some of my own stuff too, I'll leave a link once I've sorted it all out if anyone is interested.

Enough eBay for now, I have exams to revise for!