Monday, 25 April 2011

Embracing the midi...

I have been wanting to find a light-weight, non jersey, midi skirt for a while now.
Yet always to reluctant to make any purchases in such item as they are usually £20+. I know if I brought an expensive (yes £20 for a skirt is expensive to me...yet again I mention what a cheapo student I am haha) that it would be a waste because I'd probably never wear it enough times for it to be 'cost-efficient'...
Everytime I buy clothes I use this 'cost-efficient' method, which means say a coat costs £70, expensive...but will I wear that coat over 70 times in my life...probably I buy it. However say a pretty little evening dress costs £30, not that bad, but will I wear it over 30 times...probably no, as I don't want people to think 'oh Eda, you are wearing the SAME dress out again!'
Anyway I'm rambling. So yes back to the midi skirt. Just casually browsing through the Cancer Research charity shop, I came across the exact type of midi skirt I have been looking for. Previously from Next, navy with little white polka dots and only £3.95!
I wore it today...and yes I'm not so sure whether it suits me or I'm not sure what shoes to wear with it. I wore this boots, do you think they are too clumpy? I tried it on with my brogues but because I'm short, I looked like a hobbit with cankles.
Advice and thoughts please??

Saturday, 23 April 2011

ASOS binge

Ooooh Student Finance, how you make me believe I'm a rich person by giving me all this money in one go.
So I went on a little spending spree on the ASOS sale as recently I've been staring miserably at my wardrobe just begging for new exciting clothes.
My wardrobe is really lacking 'basics', I don't own many t-shirts as I'm always buying blouses so I thought I'd get myself some. Also, I have actually purchased some COLOUR. Wow for me...seeing as the weather is getting hotter (excluding this rainy grey day in Edinburgh today) I'm actually becoming more fond of colour than I thought.
Let's begin...

  Floral Print Skinny Jeans - £21 (was £35)    

    Khaki Biker Skinny Jeans - £20 (was £36)
Olive Batwing Sleeve Shirt - £12 (was £30)

Squirrel Sheer Oversized T-shirt - £7

Stripe Crop Top - £7 (was £14)
Wild Crop Tee - £8 (was £14)

Cannot wait for these to be delivered to me, they are hopefully going to be a nice pick-me-up for the revision hell.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Do you want to go to the seaside?

Well, firstly I feel very bad about my lack of blogging this last month...however I have been at home/in France where internet connection was very rare, if I managed to get any access only for a few minutes.
So yes...I did go to the seaside! Marseille yay yay! It was rather lovely to spend time with my sister however I did get VERY bad sunburn on my face the first day there! This sort of ruined the rest of the trip as I was a moody self-conscious poo, plus having to avoid any prolonged contact with the sun for the following days = attempt at getting a tan FAILED. Damn. A few days later my lips got all swollen and had like a hundred cold sores. Got back to England, doctor told me I had got some bacterial infection. Great.
Enough of moaning about how Marseille made me uglier...hahah it's ok my lips are pretty much back to normal now. Here are some photos of my trip...

It's such a pretty city. Hope you like my photos...