Sunday, 26 February 2012

White Out

La Garçonne, I really love you I do.
You have all my favourite designers on one site. You hold the style I crave...despite my insufficient funds, I still like to have a weekly drool over you.
Another thing I'm really loving for the upcoming season - whites...and beiges, creams eggshells, ivory, oyster...blah blah you get my drift.
So, blending my two most current loves at the moment...
Boy by Band of Outsiders 'Exploding Dress'

Rag & Bone 'The Sung Shirt'

Helmut Lang 'Angora Floats Pullover'
Proenza Schouler 'Voile Shirtdress'
3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli Satchel'

Proenza Schouler 'PS1 Medium in Nude'

How dreamy.
Especially the PS1, it would be a dream come true to own one...just need to scrape up a thousand pounds...loose change right? Ha.

Eda Love

Friday, 24 February 2012

NEW IN - Jewellery

 Had a little jewellery binge this February...
ASOS Multi Plain Gold Band Rings £8

Silver Double Finger Cross Ring - Valentines Gift from Boyfriend
Gunmetal spike ring - part of Miss Selfridge ring set
H&M silver ring set - £3.99
The rustic skull ring in the Miss Selfridge set on it's own
The whole Miss Selfridge Multi Skull/Spike ring set.
5 rings for £12.50 is amazingggg! I got 10% student discount as well :)

Just put these all on to show them off, think it looks a tad too much to wear them all at once...even for me!

Miss Selfridge Gold Cross Ear Cuff - £4 (-10% discount for students)
Please excuse the greasy/messy hair.
This is my first ear cuff. I am bit confused on how to wear it really going to stay holding onto my ear all day?

Oh poo. I just had a look on the Miss Selfridge site to remind myself of the prices and OMG they have further reduced ALL their jewellery by 25%!!!
I'm quite upset that I brought mine for more, but oh well, I can buy some of the other pieces I had my eye on as I'm literally obsessed with their jewellery this season!

Eda Love

Monday, 13 February 2012

Summer wishing

Topshop why must you do this to me? So many pretty little summer clothes and accessories. I want it to be summer now. I'm sick of sitting by my radiator to stop shivering!
Well...first I need to get skinny and tanned (to look good in Topshop's clothes haha) then I want it to be summer...

Strappy Grunge Midi Dress £25
Spot Strappy Button Sundress £36

Sleeveless Stripe Shirt £30
Cropped Vest £6 (I strangely love this!)

Small Cross Hoop Earrings £4
Nails in Adrenalin £6

Stripe High Waisted Hotpants £32
Swan Print Skirt - £30

Mid Heel Brogues - £65
Stud Gladiator Sandals £50

Obviously and sadly I cannot afford all these pieces. Have to figure out which are the most cost-per-wear worthy and all that jazz!
Sorry for the lack of originality of the post, you know the classic 'here-is-my-Topshop-wishlist' that you get every single day from Bloggers...but I couldn't help it, I just loved these pieces!

I must also mention a big thanks to 2ndhandCinderella for awarding me with the Liebster blog award. I really appreciate it :)

Eda Love

Friday, 3 February 2012

Luxe Surprises

My boyfriend and Farah are so sneaky...but incredibly lovely people!
Turns out Grant secretly asked Farah to make me one of her new LUXE collection pieces. I've been pining for the Kalista necklace ever since my sister Asli recieved the gold version from Farah as a Christmas present. I was planning on getting one for myself...until last Saturday I woke up and in my morning haze went to go make strong, strong coffee and trip over an unexpected parcel at my door. I love receiving parcels in general, but unexpected ones are even better!

Awww aren't they both the cutest?! Loved Farah's packaging and her mini business cards were adorable!

So I now have my very own Silver Kalista necklace and I'm already in love with it, especially the colours (Jet and Indicolite) of Swarovski crystals.
Remember to check out DesignsbyFaraM to get your hands on a Kalista yourself, and if you're more of a 'gold-jewellery-type-person' (haha) then the gold version is just as stunning.

So how did I choose to wear my elegant Kalista? With a rough biker look of course!

Biker 'leather' jacket - Topshop
Green checked shirt - Primark
Silver heavy knit top - 'Vintage' Principles c/o my mother :)
Black skinny jeans - Zara
Black chelsea boots - H&M

Oh and on a final note - yesterday was the 1st Birthday of this blog! Happy Birthday Edaburgh!
I want to thank everyone who reads, follows and comments on my blog! You all make my little blog and I very happy indeed!

Eda Love