Monday, 25 June 2012

Music Monday's/New In Pieces

With precisely 40 minutes left to Monday as I write this, I introduce this Monday's music:

I've been playing this song on loop. Even better than the first song I heard from them: I'm His Girl. Don't you just love it...even though it's so obvious 'pretentious hipster walking around Urban Outfitters' music.

Thought I'd also show some new pieces to my wardrobe...well snippets of them - hopefully they'll be featuring in OOTD's pretty soon...maybe not the camo jacket...I'm not so sure what to do about the camo jacket haha!
Stripey Navy Midi Skirt - my oldest sister, Asli, gave it to me
Levis Denim Cut Offs - gift from zee boyfriend
Camo jacket -  Cadets at school (don't laugh) - thought I'd whip it out the attic after 6 years + cut off the sleeves
Spiked double finger ring - given by Farah
Evil Eye Studs - gift from my sister Esra from her trip to Istanbul

...and finally, I thought I'd just show you the waffles Farah made for breakfast on Thursday...just because they look just as good as they tasted :)

Hope you enjoyed this week's Music Monday and enjoy the rest of the week!

Eda Love

Thursday, 14 June 2012

OOTD - handmade knit

Yesterday was the fourth class of the Buying & Merchandising course at LCF.
Went for a fairly casual layered look, this being crazy England and all [insert boring rant about the ever changing weather in England] you never know what to wear - so I thought I might as well layer up just in case...

Knitted jumper - handmade by my mother!!! Amazing right?!
Blue Silk shirt - originally my father's but given to me :)
...there's a trend here isn't there - taking things from other people!
Super skinny jeans - Primark
Leather jacket (which I'm just holding/sitting on ha...but yeh...) - Topshop
Chelsea boots + bag - H&M
Gold arrow chain + gun metal spike ring - Miss Selfridge 

And there's a photo of my class buddy Farah looking lovelyyyy!

mum's vintage grey blazer
Topshop white tee
Zara bag
...and...the amaaaazing Zara neon yellow necklace!

Anywayyyyy, that's all for now, thanks for all the comments on my last post and Hi new followers :)
Next week is my final week (boo hoo!) at the LCF course, so it'll be my final outfit - I'll try to make it more interesting haha!

Eda Love

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

I don't look 'fresh to death' though do I hahaha?! 

Pretty basic outfit for Fashion school yesterday, I just like the rolled up jeans with my chelsea boots...however I've got much chubbier so it doesn't look as cool as it used to :(
I actually hadn't realised just how chub I'd got until I uploaded these photo - no more nutella on toast for me!

Blazer, White Shirt, Chelsea Boots, Bag -
H&M Blue jeans - Primark
Bracelets -
holidays/gifts from Turkey (got a while ago, I haven't just jumped on the evil eye Turks are so 'fashion forward' pa-ha-ha
Cross ring - gift from the boyfriend
Other rings + silver choker - Miss Selfridge

Hope you like! Sorry for the H&M binge on this outfit...

Eda Love

Sunday, 3 June 2012

More Monki lovin'

Well it's been quite a while hasn't it?
I kind of lost track of the whole blogging world, but I definitely want to come back to it...especially now I have the internet at home (FINALLY joined the modern world)

So what have I been up to this 'summer'?

The most exciting thing: started a Fashion Buying & Merchandising short course at...THE LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION (cool right?)...with my homeboy Farah haha!
I'm really really enjoying it, especially learning about how to be a buyer - I think I've finally found my dream career!
Sadly only 3 sessions left! From this week I'll hopefully start taking outfit of the days for the remaining sessions, as the days I go to the course are the only days I 'dress up'...aside from that, all I've really been doing is sitting in my room in ugly baggy leggings and oversized shirts selling things on eBay like crazyyyy to make some monies.
Please check out the link to my eBay HERE
Hope there's something you'll like, there's a range of goodies (lots of Topshop + vintage) I've found around my house that don't fit me/my family anymore at very low prices.

Also, last week before going to the course I had a little window shopping session with Farah, finally got to check out the Monki on Carnaby Street and I'm just so in love with the layout, it's so quirky and cute...just so Monki!
Here are some items I'm lusting after...

Lanelle shorts - 25 EUR

Lucille blouse - 35 EUR

Hester singlet - 20 EUR

Lanelle pinkest shorts - 25 EUR

Miracle Purse in milk’n’caviar - 8 EUR

Rebecka denim skirt - 25 EUR

Carin skirt - 30 EUR

Hope Sunglasses - 10 EUR

...I pretty much want the whole store but here's my top 8 picks for now! What are your faves?

Enjoy the Jubilee weekend everyone!

Eda Love