Saturday, 26 February 2011

Urban Outfitters accessories obsession

Ever since moving to Edinburgh, I have become a lot more obsessed with Urban Outfitters over Topshop. Maybe due to the fact there wasn't a U.O in Essex...or maybe because my style has become more 'Urban Outfitty' haha. I think the main fact is as much as I love Topshop's clothing, I'm getting a bit sick of girls in my hometown thinking they are automatically 'stylish' just because their wardrobe sticks to a diet of purely Topshop and they have the money to keep buying Topshop...making them constantly look 'so incredibly fashionable'. The generic pretty shorts and silk blouse combo. That's not style, that's being a Topshop clone. I wish some girls would mix it up a bit.
Oh well enough ranting.
Here are some of the accessories I want so so much...

Round Mini Sunglasses - £14
Plastic Half Frame Sunglasses - £16

Long Triangle Earrings - £10
Gold Hanging Cross Earrings - £10

Stone Locket Necklace - £16
Key Bracelet - £12

Turquoise Stone Ring - £12
Leopard Strap Watch - £24

Navajo Woven Backpack - £46
Two Tone Satchel - £48

Red Old School Satchel - £48
Mustard Old School Satchel - £48

Arrrrgh I want it all!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Woops, tad late with this...

So I did promise to show what I brought LAST TUESDAY...however I have been rather busy and have taken a week to update this. I spontaneously decided to visit my boyfriend earlier than planned for his birthday, leaving Thursday morning instead of Friday night.
Anyway, sadly after my consideration and weeping at my bank balance (damn fricking overpriced student accommodation)...I have decided to return two of the items I brought. I'll show them anyway...
I'm giving back this:

Black lace blouse - H&M - in Sale for £7 (originally £24.99)

PU Leather Zip Up Skirt - H&M - £14.99


I'm especially sad that I have to return this leather skirt. I have been looking for the perfect fake leather skirt to suit me for a while now and just when I finally found this beauty...I have to return it. Hopefully it'll still be there in April when I get paid so I can buy it again.
Ok now here are the items I am keeping...

Heeled black Chelsea boots - H&M - £24.99
(sorry they are already a tad battered, been wearing them all week)

Boots 17: Blusher in Plum Puff
Lasting Fix Nail Varnish in Fairy Cake
Lasting Fix Nail Varnish in Smoke
3 for 2 on all 17 I spent £6.48 and saved £1.50

Black satin bow + leopard print satin bow headband set - H&M - £3.99

So basically it was Hello...then Goodbye to my 'new clothes excitement'

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sometimes I'm so corny

I should of went to the university library and studied all day.
Instead I really had the urge to go to Princes Street and just splurge on myself.
Ahhh I get so 'omg I cannot believe I actually live here' every single fricking time I walk down North Bridge and look onto the castle and other beautiful buildings.
So I acted like a fricking tourist today and quickly took two photos...

I brought quite a lot of things, NEW CLOTHES YAYAY hahaa...but I'm too tired to take photos of them right now. Expect a blog about it tomorrow...well later today...
Oh god and this song has been in my head all day. It's a really good song, but it gets a bit 'oh Eda shut up' to myself as I started humming it walking down the road...out loud...with people around...god.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Outfit of the Day

OMG isn't my look so romantic...Pahahahaa not. Ok ok, it could be considered fairly lovey dovey as I'm wearing the shirt my boyfriend brought me 2 Christmases ago...but that was done without realising...I just picked out something that would cover my arse in these unflatterning jeans.

The details:
Black gold studded brogues - Barratts
Black ripped jeans
- Got these for £4 in the Matalan sale also two Christmases ago, they are awfully made...hence being so unflatterning. Oh well I wanted black ripped jeans and they were sooo cheap!
Cream vest blouse - stolen from my Mother, from 80s Next
Mint flannel check shirt - Topshop

Thought I'd do a hands photo to show you the rings I'm ALWAYS wearing, sadly some are rusting already...
Assorted gold/pearl bands are a set from H&M
Gold owl ring - also H&M
Knotted linked ring - Accessorize
Now for the Black Cross Ring. There is a tiny, extremely messy, junk shop right near my flat. I went in there with Alicia one day. Found an amazing dark brown leather satchel/briefcase...but it was £20 (ridiculously expensive for a cheap student like me). Despite the owner quickly deciding he was best friends with us, hugging us and not leaving us alone...he refused to reduce the price of the bag. He kept telling me 'In London this would cost you over £100 pounds, a bag like this is going to last you years'. He finally gave in and said I could choose two pieces of jewellery for free if I paid the full price for the satchel. Happily accepting I picked the Cross ring and Alicia got a 2Pac necklace pendant. Oh but I should go back one day and tell him this so called 'immortal' satchel's clasp broke after a month. Ha.

Hope you had/are having a lovely commercialised day :)

Rough morning

Lack of sleep, calories and coffee.
All I can manage is listening to some Sinatra this morning.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So I'm pretty obsessed...

..with NastyGal at the is probably the rest of the world. I'm probably just a tad late.
Anyway I saw the advert to the site on Lookbook a few weeks back, and my wardrobe is literally starving for the clothes. Here are just of the few pieces I'm seriously considering buying (no Eda, don't, you are a poor student harhar)








Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday Come Slow

Had an angry morning with my wardrobe yesterday whilst quickly trying to decide what to wear to Princes Street...Oh the drama my life is!! I wanted to wear my navy H&M poncho but being a lazy student who does not own an iron, that said poncho and a majority of my other clothes are so wrinkled looking. Oh not to mention a lot of them smell like grass/mold, from leaving them to dry all ontop of each other...It's not my fault the fricking dryers in this place don't actually dry your clothes! Finally opted for what I called the 'Emo Priest' look...thank god I decided to wear bright blue nail varnish, the night before I was considering black...that would have really topped the Emo look off...

Black biker seam leggings - Topshop
Gold studded brogues - Barratts
Sheer black shirt - H&M
Grey croc bag - Primark
Black Rosary necklace - this just arrived that day from Amazon, I love it and it was only like £3.
and finally...Denim jacket - uh huh a Tammy Girl classic (hahaha) I have been wearing since the age of 11.

Had a nice lazy walk to Princes St with Alicia, Starbucks skinny Latte in hand mmm...
So yes, I actually found the hair product I have been needing my whole life. Lee Stafford 'I hate my hair the day it's washed' hair is always so fluffy and frizzy once washed and finally I have a cure! As it was two Lee Stafford products for £8 at Boots, I also got a Lee Stafford 'Flat iron protection shine mist' because I have been straightening my hair a lot more now it's shorter and flicks and kinks like crazy...but anyway the most exciting purchase of yesterday's shopping trip...

I found this AMAZING Reformed jacket in Urban Outfitters. It's by The Reformation, designers from New York and L.A who handcraft pieces from vintage fabrics and garments to, quote, 'create something at first recognizable but in the end completely new'. At first I picked it up and was like 'this is so not me, I cannot pull this off' but wanted to try it on anyway because it was reduced from £165 to only £40. I tried it on and fell in love with how much it transformed my look. I am now the proud loving owner of this £36 khaki with leather sleeves (10% student discount) beauty. I literally cannot stop raving about this jacket to everyone.

Anyway...have a nice Sunday...I'll be studying my ass off!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

To new beginnings...

Hi there,

I'm Eda. A fresher at Edinburgh University...hence the name Edaburgh emerging...have to thank the boyfriend for coming up with that.

So after a year of consideration and deliberation whether to jump on the blogger bandwagon, an evening last week finally pushed me to start a blog. Mainly thanks to a combination of Crabbies and cocktails in a candle lit pub discussing with my good friend Alicia how I want to do more than just be a simple university student. Ok so yes...ENJOY!