Monday, 12 December 2011

Revision Insanity - Music Mondays

Sorry I've been such a terrible blogger recently, but I have been revising for exams, working and developing the most disgusting cough known to man.
So yup I have been pretty stressed but I am incredibly happy as my wee little blog has 52 followers now! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, your comments make me smile :)
Once the exams are over I will be posting more outfit of the days and more frequently.
However for now I will share a quite different song for this week's Music Monday's...different being that it's not Drake (I cannot help how much I love him) and it's a Turkish artist: Teoman.
Enjoy! I hope it's good even if you cannot understand the Turkish.

p.s. Has anyone else been to the new Edinburgh Primark?! It's huuuuge!

Eda Love


  1. Revision insanity- story of my life. Great post. Thanks for the comment! Would be lovely if you could stop by sometime :-) Izzy xo

  2. I haven't been to the new Primark yet! Aaargh! I need to get there soon. I haven't been uptown since the German market opened lol, what is my life? haha. Good luck with your exams by the way, mine are next week. My advanced higher english exam is the day after my 18th birthday - kill me now, lol.