Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Old Photos

So I was going through my old email and I got a Flickr email update. I joined Flickr when I was 16/17 year old and going through that whole 'I'm a wannabe photographer with my digital camera' phase...we all go through it.
Anyway I found some I actually still like (modest aren't I? Haha) and I thought I'd share the two that were my favourite. The first of me, and the second of my oldest sister.
So thoughts? Shall I give up on the pretentious 16 year old 'dream' or shall I actually go out and buy a proper camera and starting taking photos again (and by photos I don't mean the regular drunken antics from nights out)?
Don't worry I'm not going to call myself a freelance photographer or pretend I actually know anything about photography, you can tell me my photos are crap if you like. For now it's just a hobby right.

Also does anyone have any SLR camera recommendations?

Eda Love


  1. amazing pictures :) i'm a big fan of nikon cameras :'D cannot think about using an other one.
    really nice blog you have here, dear!



  2. Wow I love that second photo! It's stunning. It looks like a professional photo shoot, and your sister is beautiful. :)