Monday, 1 October 2012

Glasgow + Music

The boyfriend and I took a trip to Glasgow for our two year anniversary and it was so lovely. We ate lots, looked a crazy modern art and explored the beautiful architecture of the city whilst browsing through the shopping streets.

I'm the typical tourist, I take photos of all the pretty buildings I see even if I haven't gone inside them, I hope you like my random snaps.

As today is Monday, I thought I'll bring back Music Monday's. As you may have heard The xx have returned...finally, with the album Coexist. I have been waiting for the second album for a looooong time, even though I never got bored of the first one. I'm always a bit dubious to listen to an new album in full so I kept repeating Angels for a few days, until today I left the album playing as I got ready for uni and one song really stood out to me. This song 'Try' is just perfect, a bit odd, but still perfect...sadly they've banned all recordings of it on Youtube :(
If you'd like to listen to it please follow this link to hear it: LISTEN HERE

Hope you all are having a good Monday!

Eda Love


  1. These pictures are so pretty! Hope you and your boyfriends had a lovely anniversary.

  2. Glasgow is such a fab city! Fab photos.
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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  3. Brilliant selection of pictures!
    Glasgow looks really nice, wow!

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