Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year Purchases

Well it's been quite a while since I've blogged and I feel terrible for neglecting my blog but I've been so busy with exams and know how it is!
However my New Years resolution is to blog more often and hopefully this year I'll stick to it, especially since I've got some lovely new pieces in my wardrobe at Christmas and in the sales that I cannot wait to show them off in OOTD's.
Here are the first few things I brought this year:

Topshop Grey Speckle Roll Neck Jumper - I wanted this when it first got reduced to £12, but I'm so glad I waited as I got this super cosy jumper for just £6.30 (£7 with no student discount)
I was quite unsure on this Primark cut out blouse as it was a size 12 but the cut out collar detail, the fact that it's monochrome (a big trend for 2013 I hear?) and that it was only £5 down from £10 sure did persuade me! 

I picked up these fairly bright blue wash Lee vintage shorts in the amazing YMCA charity shop in Harlow. They have tons of denim shorts/cut offs for crazy low prices compared to elsewhere! They only cost me £5.98 , not even on sale, which is a bargain as places in Edinburgh/London charge over £20 for vintage shorts. 
Finally I got a Coconut Body Shop Body Butter as I received a £3 Giftcard with a magazine and  as I need a body lotion, got this 50ml £5 tub for £2 :)
The Topman silver tooth chain necklace was an impulse buy whilst browsing Topman, was half price and with student discount only cost £1.89, not bad eh?! 

I would like to believe I won't go shopping again for a while, but I know as soon as I get my student loan I'll be running to Princes Street hehe! Got my eye on quite a few things, a New Year Wish List will get posted very soon if you are interested....
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!

Eda Love


  1. lovely items, those shorts are gorgeous, charity shops have the most amazing stuff!

    // xx

  2. very cool Blog ..
    Maybe you like to follow each other??
    It would be so great :)

  3. the primark blouse looks nice!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. Great haul , those vintage shorts are niceeee xx