Monday, 25 April 2011

Embracing the midi...

I have been wanting to find a light-weight, non jersey, midi skirt for a while now.
Yet always to reluctant to make any purchases in such item as they are usually £20+. I know if I brought an expensive (yes £20 for a skirt is expensive to me...yet again I mention what a cheapo student I am haha) that it would be a waste because I'd probably never wear it enough times for it to be 'cost-efficient'...
Everytime I buy clothes I use this 'cost-efficient' method, which means say a coat costs £70, expensive...but will I wear that coat over 70 times in my life...probably I buy it. However say a pretty little evening dress costs £30, not that bad, but will I wear it over 30 times...probably no, as I don't want people to think 'oh Eda, you are wearing the SAME dress out again!'
Anyway I'm rambling. So yes back to the midi skirt. Just casually browsing through the Cancer Research charity shop, I came across the exact type of midi skirt I have been looking for. Previously from Next, navy with little white polka dots and only £3.95!
I wore it today...and yes I'm not so sure whether it suits me or I'm not sure what shoes to wear with it. I wore this boots, do you think they are too clumpy? I tried it on with my brogues but because I'm short, I looked like a hobbit with cankles.
Advice and thoughts please??


  1. I think this skirt suits you! Nice outfit :)

  2. That's lovely!! Really nice and it'll go with so, so much x

  3. Ha, i do that with the cost of clothes to! although i often give in and buy stuff anyways. skirt looks good with the shoes, i think with brogues it might make your legs look shorter!

  4. I really like it - it's a lovely skirt and really suits you :) fabulous! ♥