Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gifts, treats and pretty jewellery

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I had a lovely day (basically birthday week as I was constantly treated and given gifts)
Got so so many lovely gifts by my friends and boyfriend, lots of jewellery (which is totally what I needed and will be showing off in future outfit posts) and so many sweets and cakes!
As I've mentioned before my friend (basically sister haha) Farah has her own jewellery line and she kindly gave me one of her pretty pieces called 'The Ella Necklace' for my birthday.
So here it is on me:

It's such a subtle but elegant piece, I'm looking forward to layering it with my other necklaces. My one is navy swarovski crystals with an 18 inches long silver chain. The great thing is that Farah can make alterations to customise the necklace for you. The crystals can be:

Lilac, Purple, Green, Aquamarine Blue
Mixed blue-green, Navy blue, Crystal AB, Ruby Red
...and the chain can be gold as seen in Farah's photo below:

Please check out her blog's jewellery line page here: Designs by FaraM

I frankly cannot wait for people to be like 'oh that's a pretty necklace, what shop did you get it from?'
and I can be all 'My friend/jewellery designer made it for me'.

Thanks again Farah :)

Also thanks everyone else who treated me on my birthday, love you all :)

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  1. that necklace is really pretty! and how lucky that you got a lot of gifts! :)

    p.s. happy belated birthday! :D
    oh, and thanks for following! i am now following as well!

    <3, Mimi