Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Well, well, well

It’s been a while since I last did an ‘outfit’ post.
So yesterday I was feeling in the ‘dress up’ mood and had a little hour session creating outfits…well more like creating a mess of my room. Yes, I’m sorry, this was quite an impromptu one…hence having no make up on and bed hair. Also my room at home is teeny, hence the reason why it was rather hard to do full body shots…and to be honest you would not like to see the full body shot of me in these shorts…I have a lot of, as one would put it…‘junk in the trunk‘…hahahaaa.
Oh well I’ve started a healthy eating plan this Monday and added a lot more exercise into my regime so hopefully will look much much better and more confident in such miniature shorts.

Denim shorts - Topshop
Peterpan collared blouse - New Look…last Christmas gift from
Sunglasses - H &M
Handbag -  £3 in Primark sale

Maybe a few more weeks on this regime and I’ll actually step out in public in this outfit, not just in my bedroom! They say the camera adds 10lbs…but I think in most of my photos the camera seems to deduct 10lbs…I definitely look much chubbier in real life.
Swiftly moving on for my body woes…I recently joined Twitter and yes I am now a self-confessed Twitter-aholic…damn you Blackberry Twitter app! I added my Twitter feed to my blog so please, if you want to, follow me and/or leave me your twitter name so I can follow you.
Have a lovely week!
Eda love xxx


  1. love the combo :)

  2. Following you back dear! thank you xx Joice

  3. I like how you styled so simple pieces, the outfit is great!
    i loooove the bag :)
    PS I have twitter too, we can follow each other even there if you like, I'm peach :)

  4. Love the shorts and top :)

  5. Love this outfit, perfectly styled:)x

  6. love the whole outfit:)so nice!