Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winter Wonderland

My boyfriend came up and visited me this week and it was so lovely.
We saw the new Twilight (cringe), shopping (two new Zara purchases and got Grant into Zara men, we are turning into a Zara couple now haha), went to Ikea for the yummy Swedish meatballs and it wouldn't be a typical Grant and Eda weekend without binging on tons of Pizza Hut...

Thursday was the opening of the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland, so we joined in with the festive spirit and had a look around whilst gobbling down warm sugared donuts (if you hadn't already guessed; we really like food!).
Warning: don't go on the ferris wheel in the extremely windy and cold conditions, not as romantic as we thought...Grant was whimpering like a little girl about how we were going to die whilst I tried and failed to take decent photos of the view of below from the top. I was more afraid that the wind would make me drop my camera if I put my hand outside the carriage so sorry for the view 'through bars'. Such wimps!



  1. wow pretty! can't wait for christmasssss :D

    re: thank you for your sweet comment it made my day!


  2. Wow, looks great! Was thinkig of visiting Edingburgh for Xmas shopping and i heard they have a good xmas market, would you recommend?

    Georgie <3

  3. Awww sounds like you have a lovely time!! Nothing wrong with a Zara couple ha.. thank you for your lovely comment xxx


  4. Awwwh I've just been to Winter Wonderland, but the one in London, loved it so much & felt totally Christmasy. :)

    Gorgeous blog hunni <3 xx

  5. Ahh I love Edinburgh's Christmas Markets! I was up there for ice-skating last December :D My bf's working in Edinburgh as a doctor so I go up quite often to see him, it's a fantastic place to be. You should check out this tea place I frequent when I am there it's called Anteaques!