Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pretty pink

I just had to share this...I know, I know another similiar photo of my favourite view of Edinburgh...but last Saturday there was the pinkest sunset over the castle. Sadly I could only take a photo with my blackberry so I couldn't fully capture it's beauty...but isn't it just so pretty?

Anyway, I've finally found a job and I really enjoy it, so yay to no more student poverty! Yet it's why the time between my posts is really widening.

I keep promising myself to update more...

Thank you all again for all the lovely comments :)


  1. What a beautiful picture!! I wish I can visit Edinburgh one day!!

    And congrats on the job!! Student debt is the worst :/

  2. i love edinburgh at this time of year :) are you looking forward to the german market/the christmas lights?

  3. beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Lovely! :)

  5. Beautiful photo! I'd love to go to Edinburgh :)

  6. This looks so beautiful! My boyfriend's going on exchange to Edinburgh university next year, so I'm definitely planning on making a visit. It looks like such an incredible place xoxo