Friday, 13 January 2012

Jumping on the Romwe bandwagon

I keep seeing the amazing clothes on some of the top bloggers such as on Morven from Cats and Rocking Chairs and when I scroll down to see where it's from it keeps happening to be from Romwe - the website for the 'Latest Street Fashion Online'.
Here are some of my picks:
Rib Rose Jumper - £36.54
Denim Collar Contrast White T-Shirt - £26.57

Black and White Dot Shirt - £24.58
Retro Peter Pan Collar Apricot Dress - £24.58
Mock Two Pieces Black Dress - £21.92
Gold/Silver Three Finger Ring - £7.97
Retro Blue Message Bag - £54.48

I think my favourite pick is the Mock Two Pieces dress, I've never owned anything like it so I love it for it's originality. What's your favourite?
What's even better about this site is it has free shipping worldwide and no minimum purchase is needed to get it! Only problem...I don't understand why most of their clothes are ONE SIZE. How can a dress like the Peter Pan one fit anyone and everyone? I like dresses to fit me snugly so not sure how great this dress will look. Damn, such a bummer because I was really tempted to buy it.

Eda Love


  1. Romwe has been using bloggers as a platform to get the word out there! I'd buy from them but seeing that their clothings are mass produced and made in China...the prices are quite similar to what one finds in the UK!

    However, their pieces are really up to trend and look good!


  2. These are all gorgeous, I especially love the one with the peterpan collar.
    I've never heard of Romwe, thanks for sharing.

    Just found you & became a follower xo

  3. Ohh romwe makes me want to spend lots of pennies haha. I love the top with the denim colar, so cute. x

  4. love all ofthese items, especially the oink jumper - i have a similar one from primark (which is a lot, lot cheaper haha) x

    Also, i'm running a giveaway on my blog at the moment for either an American Apparel clutch bag or Models Own nail varnishes so please check it out!

  5. that second jumper is amazing, i want it so so bad, love your blog! I've followed :) maybe you can follow back if you like my blog.. xx

  6. Hi hon, Romwe has tons of cute stuff ! I have been talking about Valentine's day promotion code to buy stuff there with a good discount, check it out ! Also, on Wednesday I will launch my Romwe giveaway, hope you will join and in the meantime you're invited to enter my giveaway to win a Zeleb party dress !
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  7. Hi,I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award,its for blogs with less than 200 followers that deserve more recognition! :)

  8. never heard of this brand before but that mock two piece black dress is so cute!
    loving the blog by the way, i'm a new follower
    hope you can take a look at mine

    amy x