Monday, 30 January 2012

Music Mondays

Today it shall be the lady who has sparked much controversy: Lana Del Rey. I frankly don't care whether she has had work done on her face to be sexier, or has a complete overhaul on her original look to be more appealing to the music world. Performing and music is turning into an art form now, with examples like Lady Gaga wearing her outrageous outfits, so we should all leave Lana alone right? Who cares if her daddy is a millionnaire and is the only reason she is now successful, her songs and her look are beautiful and original, so who cares how and why she rose to fame?

I sound like I'm her number one fan, supporting her from the very be honest I only started listening to her this past week.
I have always heard her name be mentioned as a 'rising star' and I knew I should have a listen, but being my lazy self, I couldn't be bothered. It wasn't until my friend Alicia mentioned her and started playing the songs in the flat, I realised that Lana Del Rey is actually amazing. Haha. I have heard the song Video Games in so many programmes like Gossip Girl and I was always like 'I like this song, I wonder who sings it...' but forgetting to find out...but now I know.
So to celebrate the launch of her album today 'Born to Die', I thought I would make her my Music Monday pick.

Eda Love


  1. Good music is a must on a Monday!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. ahh I love her! she's a stunner! x

  3. in love with lana del rey, her new album is awesome!

  4. i like your blog!

  5. Great song to choose! I hadn't seen the video before, really cool!

    xx Missy