Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Outfit of the Day

OMG isn't my look so romantic...Pahahahaa not. Ok ok, it could be considered fairly lovey dovey as I'm wearing the shirt my boyfriend brought me 2 Christmases ago...but that was done without realising...I just picked out something that would cover my arse in these unflatterning jeans.

The details:
Black gold studded brogues - Barratts
Black ripped jeans
- Got these for £4 in the Matalan sale also two Christmases ago, they are awfully made...hence being so unflatterning. Oh well I wanted black ripped jeans and they were sooo cheap!
Cream vest blouse - stolen from my Mother, from 80s Next
Mint flannel check shirt - Topshop

Thought I'd do a hands photo to show you the rings I'm ALWAYS wearing, sadly some are rusting already...
Assorted gold/pearl bands are a set from H&M
Gold owl ring - also H&M
Knotted linked ring - Accessorize
Now for the Black Cross Ring. There is a tiny, extremely messy, junk shop right near my flat. I went in there with Alicia one day. Found an amazing dark brown leather satchel/briefcase...but it was £20 (ridiculously expensive for a cheap student like me). Despite the owner quickly deciding he was best friends with us, hugging us and not leaving us alone...he refused to reduce the price of the bag. He kept telling me 'In London this would cost you over £100 pounds, a bag like this is going to last you years'. He finally gave in and said I could choose two pieces of jewellery for free if I paid the full price for the satchel. Happily accepting I picked the Cross ring and Alicia got a 2Pac necklace pendant. Oh but I should go back one day and tell him this so called 'immortal' satchel's clasp broke after a month. Ha.

Hope you had/are having a lovely commercialised day :)


  1. well, at least your nails are bright pink :P that's sorta valentine's-y, right? :)

  2. i love ur shoessssssssss what brand are they????
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  3. Great look! Hope you had a nice time!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  4. Love your jeans, and I have the same ring (:
    You have a great blog !

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