Saturday, 26 February 2011

Urban Outfitters accessories obsession

Ever since moving to Edinburgh, I have become a lot more obsessed with Urban Outfitters over Topshop. Maybe due to the fact there wasn't a U.O in Essex...or maybe because my style has become more 'Urban Outfitty' haha. I think the main fact is as much as I love Topshop's clothing, I'm getting a bit sick of girls in my hometown thinking they are automatically 'stylish' just because their wardrobe sticks to a diet of purely Topshop and they have the money to keep buying Topshop...making them constantly look 'so incredibly fashionable'. The generic pretty shorts and silk blouse combo. That's not style, that's being a Topshop clone. I wish some girls would mix it up a bit.
Oh well enough ranting.
Here are some of the accessories I want so so much...

Round Mini Sunglasses - £14
Plastic Half Frame Sunglasses - £16

Long Triangle Earrings - £10
Gold Hanging Cross Earrings - £10

Stone Locket Necklace - £16
Key Bracelet - £12

Turquoise Stone Ring - £12
Leopard Strap Watch - £24

Navajo Woven Backpack - £46
Two Tone Satchel - £48

Red Old School Satchel - £48
Mustard Old School Satchel - £48

Arrrrgh I want it all!


  1. So beautiful, wish I could buy it all!

  2. those satchels are just so cool! :)

  3. I have the two-tone satchel. I love it so much i named it Eric. Lovely blog xx

  4. So much love for the round sunnies and backpack! Lovely post :)

    The Flower Girl

  5. I adore every thing here! Wish we had UO in Spain...

  6. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    oh my goodness i love these all thank-you for sharing
    i love the bags to, but those satchels are always so expensive which is a shame.. thank-you for your input it's helped a lot, it's always so nice to hear what fellow bloggers have to say about everything xxx

  7. I love all your picks! I was thinking of buying the red bag! xoxoxoo

  8. Really agree about the silk shirts / shorts combo. Very annoying since I've been dressing like that a long time and now I feel like one of them when I do wear it especially on nights out. Love Urban Outfitters, worked there as a Christmas Temp and pretty sure I spent my entire pay cheques there too x

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