Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sometimes I'm so corny

I should of went to the university library and studied all day.
Instead I really had the urge to go to Princes Street and just splurge on myself.
Ahhh I get so 'omg I cannot believe I actually live here' every single fricking time I walk down North Bridge and look onto the castle and other beautiful buildings.
So I acted like a fricking tourist today and quickly took two photos...

I brought quite a lot of things, NEW CLOTHES YAYAY hahaa...but I'm too tired to take photos of them right now. Expect a blog about it tomorrow...well later today...
Oh god and this song has been in my head all day. It's a really good song, but it gets a bit 'oh Eda shut up' to myself as I started humming it walking down the road...out loud...with people around...god.


  1. wow, it's so beautiful! Thank you for posting these pics!

    and ahahah, I love that "omggaa new clothes!" feeling :D

  2. me encanta tu blog!! las fotos son muy bonitas!!