Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oooh eBay

It has taken me a while to get the hang of eBay auctions. I always used to start bidding when the item was 99p yet still had like 8 days left, so sure I was going to win this amazing item for just a few pence...oh my naïvity.
It wasn't until I lost a bid on these Topshop studded boots the other day that I finally realised how to work eBay. I was the highest bidder for the whole 5 minutes at the end of the auction...10 seconds remained and I was outbid at almost double my bid! So finally I realised you have to save bidding until the very last second, that way you don't increase the cost of the item throughout the auction...yes please don't laugh at how slow I am to grasp this, hahaha.
Anyway last night I FINALLY WON an auction, and it was on the item I've had my eye on the most on eBay: Topshop Black Naomi Lace Up Flat Sandal, size 5.

Only cost me £22.99 + £2.98 p&p. Sure it's not as cheap as I expected eBay items to be, but I have been watching other people sell exactly the same shoes and the bids reached over £35, so technically I was very lucky to get them at this price.
I believe these shoes were from Topshop last summer and original price was £40.
I'm so excited to be the proud owner of these :)
Getting extremely hooked to eBay right now, I'm watching over 100 items! I'm thinking about starting to sell some of my own stuff too, I'll leave a link once I've sorted it all out if anyone is interested.

Enough eBay for now, I have exams to revise for!


  1. these are like the epitome of a perfect summer sandal with a twist! congrats!
    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!
    take care!

  2. wow, that really is dedication! I can barely handle watching two items 2bh, i'm a complete ebay phobe, though my mum recently went on a course so i'll have to get her to impart her new found wisdom! x

  3. Great shoes! I'm a bit useless at ebay, I always bid on things when they still have ages to go then forget about them and get emails saying I've won a week later haha! x

  4. I got these sandals in the sales myself last year, they're gorgous but put a few plasters around your smaller toes when you're wearing them in they are KILLER on the feet. Definitely never ever bid until the last 30 seconds or so it's not worth it! x

  5. thanks a lot! love the sandals!

  6. Wow i love the sandals, they're super cute! and good luck on the exams! :)