Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Moves Like Jagger

I could not think of a decent title so I have just wrote the song I'm humming along to now.
Yes, I realise as a style blogger it's not cool to be so into such a mainstream song...I'm meant to be all prententious and be like 'I'm sorry Maroon who? Who's Christina blah blah? I only listen to The Velvet Underground darlinggg'...Well whatever, what's the point of avoiding songs you secretly love just because they are not 'alternative' enough? Right?? Right?


My facial expressions are so odd and scary.
Also I am very upset with how rubbish my new camera's quality is when it's on self-timer...so apologies for the grainy/blurry photo.
Nevermind I guess, it's about time I blogged my outfits more...so here is my outfit of the day. Just had university today so nothing too dressy...lots of recently brought items though:

H&M Leather Panel Trousers
Salvation Army knitted jumper (£3!) 
ASOS black loafers (£15 in sale)
Urban Outfitters satchel

I'm going to have to finally give into my fear of someone else taking a photo of my outfits OUTSIDE, because the self timer and lighting in this flat are not so great....

Ohhhh and I have two favours to ask...
First - could you be so kind and check out the clothes/accessories I'm selling on eBay? Eda's eBay

Secondly - only recently I have discovered how amazing the Fashiolista website is, it's like creating my own little fantasy wardrobe and gaze at other people's loves...which is just perfect for little online window shopper me. So if you like to see my actual style (which means the style I'd have more of if I had more than just a student budget) please 'check me out'...HERE

Thank you all :) especially for the lovely comments.

Eda love


  1. You look so cute! I usually have sandals on instead of loafers because it's so hot over here. xoxoxoo

  2. nice outfit! love your shoes and bag.xx


  3. hihi yes I'm a model, thank you :) amazing outfit, looove your bag!

  4. Hey! Great bag <33


  5. Hi Eda! Thank you for visiting me too! You're so sweet! xoxoxoo

  6. nice outfit, I really like the sweater :)

  7. I love that song too...
    Super awesome jumper, there's a similar one in Toppers I'm eyeing up!

  8. Hahaa! Love your comments about bloggers and music. My music taste is half vaguely cool and half utterly embarrassing, but either way I'm dead proud of it!
    I really love your slouchy jumper, can hardly believe it was only £3 - such a good find :) x

  9. Love the jumper!
    And thankyou very much for following my blog :)

  10. cute sweater dear...
    moves like a jagger by maroon 5, I'm so grazy bout that!!hehe

  11. Hi Eda! Thanks for visiting me. I love that song too. How can one hate Adam Levine? I think that duet is a darn good one, even though its mainstream.

    Love the over-sized cozy sweater you are wearing & the U.O. satchel. You look fab.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC