Friday, 7 October 2011

Teased by Topshop

Why do you do this to me Topshop? Just when I tell myself to stop shopping, why must you introduce a 20% off Student weekend?

I cannot resist and tomorrow I'll be in Topshop happily purchasing these 'essential' items. Sure, they are pretty expensive but I have been lusting over them for a while now and being wardrobe essentials the 'cost-per-wear' will be low. Also...20% OFF!!

So if I purchase these four items, the student discount will save me...£27.20! That basically means that I get the top for free and a couple of the rings haha! 
I hope these will be worth living on a cheap diet of porridge, apples and pesto pasta on! 

Oh I got my hair finally cut this nothing different, just shorter. I'll have to 'show it off' in an outfit post soon! It's been such a long time since I done an OOTD post...

Happy shopping and happy weekend!


  1. i wish i had the student discount too!

  2. I cannot stay away from Topshop..they always seem to be really good at robbing me! xoxoxoo