Monday, 17 October 2011

Music Monday's - Bedouin Soundclash

Not the newest song nor my newest obsession but it's the perfect soundtrack to this Monday.

Having just about recovered from some strange fever all weekend, I was actually excited to go to the library today and work on my English Language essay. However it has been heavy sideways raining all day and still is! So the 'trek' to the library whilst still slightly ill seems too daunting for weak little me. I am in no position to continue being ill, what with the wedding this weekend, so walking in the ice cold rain is not the best idea for full recovery...right?
So instead I'm having a fairly laidback day: listening to Bedouin Soundclash on repeat, organising my uni folders...all whilst sipping at endless cups of Earl Grey and gazing at my window wishing for the rain to stop so I can reunite with my lover that is the university library...hahaa!

I hope you love this song as much as I do.
I didn't really know much about this band until Alicia recommended I should have a listen to them to see if I'd want to see them at Leeds festival. I'm very glad she did and they ere just great live. Definitely one of my 'new' favourite bands.

Enjoy :)

Eda love


  1. My god, havn't listened to Bedouin Soundclash in forever! Awh reminds me of good times working in Hmv! I always say this and people think I'm mad but the thing i miss most about uni is writing essays...weird eh? so i know how you feel about looking forward to doing one!

  2. I really hate cold rain! Especially if it's windy! I really like the vocals of this band!

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