Friday, 3 February 2012

Luxe Surprises

My boyfriend and Farah are so sneaky...but incredibly lovely people!
Turns out Grant secretly asked Farah to make me one of her new LUXE collection pieces. I've been pining for the Kalista necklace ever since my sister Asli recieved the gold version from Farah as a Christmas present. I was planning on getting one for myself...until last Saturday I woke up and in my morning haze went to go make strong, strong coffee and trip over an unexpected parcel at my door. I love receiving parcels in general, but unexpected ones are even better!

Awww aren't they both the cutest?! Loved Farah's packaging and her mini business cards were adorable!

So I now have my very own Silver Kalista necklace and I'm already in love with it, especially the colours (Jet and Indicolite) of Swarovski crystals.
Remember to check out DesignsbyFaraM to get your hands on a Kalista yourself, and if you're more of a 'gold-jewellery-type-person' (haha) then the gold version is just as stunning.

So how did I choose to wear my elegant Kalista? With a rough biker look of course!

Biker 'leather' jacket - Topshop
Green checked shirt - Primark
Silver heavy knit top - 'Vintage' Principles c/o my mother :)
Black skinny jeans - Zara
Black chelsea boots - H&M

Oh and on a final note - yesterday was the 1st Birthday of this blog! Happy Birthday Edaburgh!
I want to thank everyone who reads, follows and comments on my blog! You all make my little blog and I very happy indeed!

Eda Love


  1. Love the look! You layered it so well :) Grant and I should be partners-in-crime lol! Hope you like your little gift, such a sweet bf you have there!

    Happy Birthday Edaburgh xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday to Edaburgh! :)

  3. The necklace is gorgeous and I adore the leather jacket, so edgy <3

  4. is that farah mansor? she send me an "xo" necklace, it's adorable! you look so pretty xx

  5. That necklace is adorable, I love how you've styled it. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! :)
    R xx

  6. Heyy Gorgeous
    love your blog its super cute :)
    if you follow me ill follow you back :P

    much love

  7. Oh that's so sweet! and what a lovely necklace.