Friday, 24 February 2012

NEW IN - Jewellery

 Had a little jewellery binge this February...
ASOS Multi Plain Gold Band Rings £8

Silver Double Finger Cross Ring - Valentines Gift from Boyfriend
Gunmetal spike ring - part of Miss Selfridge ring set
H&M silver ring set - £3.99
The rustic skull ring in the Miss Selfridge set on it's own
The whole Miss Selfridge Multi Skull/Spike ring set.
5 rings for £12.50 is amazingggg! I got 10% student discount as well :)

Just put these all on to show them off, think it looks a tad too much to wear them all at once...even for me!

Miss Selfridge Gold Cross Ear Cuff - £4 (-10% discount for students)
Please excuse the greasy/messy hair.
This is my first ear cuff. I am bit confused on how to wear it really going to stay holding onto my ear all day?

Oh poo. I just had a look on the Miss Selfridge site to remind myself of the prices and OMG they have further reduced ALL their jewellery by 25%!!!
I'm quite upset that I brought mine for more, but oh well, I can buy some of the other pieces I had my eye on as I'm literally obsessed with their jewellery this season!

Eda Love