Monday, 13 February 2012

Summer wishing

Topshop why must you do this to me? So many pretty little summer clothes and accessories. I want it to be summer now. I'm sick of sitting by my radiator to stop shivering!
Well...first I need to get skinny and tanned (to look good in Topshop's clothes haha) then I want it to be summer...

Strappy Grunge Midi Dress £25
Spot Strappy Button Sundress £36

Sleeveless Stripe Shirt £30
Cropped Vest £6 (I strangely love this!)

Small Cross Hoop Earrings £4
Nails in Adrenalin £6

Stripe High Waisted Hotpants £32
Swan Print Skirt - £30

Mid Heel Brogues - £65
Stud Gladiator Sandals £50

Obviously and sadly I cannot afford all these pieces. Have to figure out which are the most cost-per-wear worthy and all that jazz!
Sorry for the lack of originality of the post, you know the classic 'here-is-my-Topshop-wishlist' that you get every single day from Bloggers...but I couldn't help it, I just loved these pieces!

I must also mention a big thanks to 2ndhandCinderella for awarding me with the Liebster blog award. I really appreciate it :)

Eda Love


  1. I cant wait for summer too! im fed up of jumpers!

    I like the stripy shorts best