Saturday, 5 March 2011

So pretty

Yet another long space inbetween my blog posts, this time I have a valid reason...I had the hoo me. Only just got over it today, yaaaay! Another yay is that Turkey are no longer going to ban Blogspot, after all the fans on the Facebook page!/blogumadokunma
I don't live in Turkey so it wouldn't have affected my blog. However being Turkish, I find it pretty interesting to see what the Turkish fashion bloggers are wearing.
Anyway just a quick post on something I just spotted...
I've actually seemed to be avoiding overly girly clothing recently, when a few months ago it would be the first thing I went to. Yet I just browsed through Topshop's Limited Edition dresses and I'm kind of madly in love with this dress...
Limited Edition Lilac Vintage Lace Dress - £95

So I'll never actually buy this dress seeing as it's £95 and secondly because it's already out of stock online. Boo hoo. It's just so pretty and makes me feel all excited about Spring/Summer. I really do need to stop wearing black.


  1. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    it's from a shop called Madame Butterfly, some of the stuff they sell it's vile, but this was one of the gems amongst then. yes! thank-you i will check out m and s. this dress is gorgeous, i hate how expensive some vintage can be :( xxx

  2. Love this dress so much! I can see lilac becoming a popular color this spring. <3

  3. Thank you for the comment, sorry I'm replying here but I'm not sure well else to! ha.
    With your shoes do you find that they rub a little against where your little toe would go? I'm not sure whether its the way they're made or it might just be that mine are a little faulty, well besides the odd sizes! x

  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous dress - I like the sheer shoulders. And the lilac. ahhh springgg's coming soon! :D

  5. I never normally go for dresses, but that is beautiful!

  6. i really like the dress dear!

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    xo model from holland
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  7. The most beautiful dress i've seen in donkeys years. I wish I actually had £95. Love your blog and black is too good. xx

  8. I know what you mean about needing to stop wearing black! I bought a lot of colors, and I am VERY excited to wear them.

  9. really nice dress! i love soft and pink-y colours, it's just perfect for spring! but i completely understand that £95 are a bit too much for a dress!

    im following, hope you'll follow back! let me know :)

  10. That dress is amazing! So pricey though I always try hold out and get those dresses in the sale x

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    XO model from holland
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  12. indeed its very pretty!! i love the color and lace details <3

  13. What a lovely dress girl!

  14. such a cute dress!

  15. Very cute and girly.. something I would wear to a wedding so it kind of justifies the price tag as it's for a special occasion :)



  16. Aww that is so cute!
    Lovely blog :)