Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Purchases

Ok, what better way to relieve the pressures and stresses of exam time than....SHOPPING hahaha!
So here are my most recent buys...

These heels from Next were such a random buy. I went to Princes Street with my boyfriend on Monday and it started raining like crazy, being such wusses we ran into the nearest shop, being Next, to wait for the rain to calm down...whilst browsing little did I expect to find this beauties at only £25. They look so amazing under jeans and I'm hoping they will look just as good under my midi skirt. I'm thinking frilly socks and these heeled sandals...mmm I'm in love.

Ahhh lining up my new shoes does make this girl happy....however the eBay Topshop black sandals, which I mentioned in my last post, were not as attractive on me as I dreamt. They make my legs look chunkier and I'm not so keen on the gap at the heel...I contemplated returning them, but it just seemed like too much effort...I'll try and work them somehow....

Just a basic stripey jersey from H&M for £7.99...I never get bored of Breton stripe tops. However H&M left the security tag on this, only realised until I got home! God makes it look like I stole it, which I really did not, I'm going to storm into H&M (storming and arguing is not something I do well in shops, I'm usually all 'oh no don't worry, it's fine, I'm sorry I didn't notice, thank you thank you etc etc) and 'demand' they take it off and let me have it for free for causing such a 'nuisance' hahaha wish me luck.

H&M crazy alphabet print leggings - £7.99
Don't worry, I didn't seriously buy these leggings to wear out in boyfriend thought they were hilarious and practically forced me to buy them as a dare to wear when we (if we ever) go running. God they are so crazy, but when I tried them on they could be quite cute as loungewear/pjs.

Now for probably the most 'exciting' purchase, I FINALLY got a new phone...jumping on the bandwagon I brought the Blackberry Curve 8520. It's so much more advanced and interesting than my old phone...seriously I've become addicted and it's such a time waster; downloading apps, BBM, internet for free, constantly checking my Facebook, calling people way too much just because I have 300 minutes now...oh dear...oh well at least I can message my boyfriend and friends for FREE hehehe.
...and....FINALLY...I'm incredibly bad at keeping up a good skincare routine, however nothing makes me feel better than splurging at Body Shop. Recently my skin has become incredibly spot prone and my blackheads have always been a problem. Therefore I thought I should go buy a decent face wash...not my 75p Tesco one I have been using, which is probably doing more damage than help to my face. So I got this Body Shop Tea Tree wash, so far it hasn't really seemed to clear up my skin...but that may not be the products fault, probably...just maybe...has something to do with all the greasy food (hello Pizza Hut) and sweeties I have been eating recently hahaha.
Also I had run out of shower gel and again instead of getting some cheapo product I decided to treat myself with this Pink Grapefruit one, it's actually so delicious and leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. I cannot remember exactly how much each item cost, but I spent a total of £9.45 in Body Shop. Not so bad as my skin has been craving such good products.

Anyway that's enough, I must restrict my shopping from now on and focus on only on revision...hahahaha yeh right...


  1. haha i love those leggings - so quirky and individual, however i definitely would not have the confidence to pull them off! xxx

  2. loving the tan heels! would look so good with the midi!Try Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel Ed, it works like a charm! Oh and dl whatsapp pretty pls? Then you get to chat with me for FREE too :)

  3. I love all of the new purchases! :)