Friday, 20 May 2011

MORE New purchases/Favourite Blogger Friday

So as of Wednesday, 4.30pm my first year of the University of Edinburgh had FINISHED! EXAMS OVER! WOO HOO!
What better way than to celebrate than go shopping! I intended on buying a night time-ish dress as we were going out clubbing that night...however I couldn't find any in my price range that I really loved. Instead I finally found a pair of denim shorts from Topshop that I really did fall in love with, and didn't look that bad on me as usually denim shorts do.

Originally £32, but having £3.20 left on my Topshop voucher and
 10% student discount made them £25.50 for me! £6.50 saving oh yes!

Also brought this bag from H&M, only £12.99. I was really lacking
in the small bag department so this is a perfect addition to my bag collection.



Whilst the title of my concept was 'Favourite Fashion Blogger Friday' I basically meant 'style' bloggers...however Fashion worked better with the alliteration. Probably my favourite style blogger has to be Jazzabelle's Diary.

Her photos and clothes are always beautiful, and we share a love for the V&A museum as well as Starbucks!! I seriously envy how cheaply she finds her clothes, she is a lover of Charity shops and manages to find amazing pieces for under a £1! Unfair! All the Charity shops I visit rarely have anything under £5...I'm defo going to have to visit the Charity shop she volunteers at in London, next time I go home to see if I can find myself such bargins.
I'm pretty sure if I could have anyone's wardrobe, I would love to have Jazzabelle' check out her blog, but I'm sure you've already heard of her, she is a very popular blogger...and why shouldn't she be? Her blog is such an inspiration.

Hope you all have great weekends! I will be including my two new items in a outfit post soon!

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  1. thank-you so much for featuring me, you are so kind! i love the bag you picked up, the tassel on it is so cute! xx