Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online Window Shopping

What is there to do when exams are over and you have no money/too lazy to get dressed to do anything exciting outside - ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING! Am I the only one who gets excited making fake baskets reaching over £500 on many shops...oh and my Topshop one is currently exceeding £1000...oh dear...if only I was rich! Yes it does make me sad knowing I'll probably never own any of these items, but despite being such a waste of time, it is rather fun creating dream wardrobes and I like to class it as 'gaining experience and knowledge' of what's in the shops. I actually do this so much, especially with Topshop, that I can tell whenever an item someone is wearing is from Topshop and predict pretty much exactly how much it costs.
Anyway the items from my wishlist in this post come from a online U.S. store ThreadSence. I'd never heard of it, until I was catching up on on of my favourite bloggers 'Fashion Chalet' and when saw her wearing this pink blazer from this store. You can see how amazing Erika from Fashion Chalet looks in it here.
For now I'll just sit staring at the clothes, hoping somehow they will magically be in my wardrobe next time I look inside...

A Late Afternoon Blazer - $59

Charlotte Sweater Dress by Brandy Melville - $68

Lamixx Pullover Oversized Black Sweater - $42

Around the Rosie Denim Shorts by Insight - $65

Follow My Lead Lace Maxi Dress - $48

Spot the Difference High Waist Shorts by Mink Pink - $71

Ahhh a girl can dream...


  1. Thank-you for the comment, these are all wonderful! I love the maxi dress.. definitely a case of dreaming for me! xxx

  2. Love those cute rose denim shorts. Haven't heard of Insight but I'll give it a google.
    I get like that with Topshop clothing too! Obsessed with looking online at what's new to the point where I remember what's in store off my heart.

  3. Hey! I have just awarded you with the 'versatile blogger award', check out my last post to see!

  4. great outfit! love the black polka dot short! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx