Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Strokes

The Strokes have always been my favourite band ever since I was like 13. I am in love with every single album, even though I heard them in reverse order...first heard the song 'Juicebox', brought their third album 'First Impressions of the Earth', played on repeat. Then 'Room on Fire', second album, played it to poor family. Then got given the first album 'Is This It' as a Christmas present, fell deeper and deeper in love with The Strokes...posters and photos of them on my walls and everything haha. I just feel like each album is different, yet so 'The Strokes' each time. I cannot pick a favourite. The albums never grow old or boring, I can always go back to them months or years later and still be wowed by them.
Not only is their music AMAZING but they have that style that looks so effortlessy cool. Leather jacket, Converses and skinny jeans never looked so good. They are some seriously good looking men too haha (mmm drummer Fabrizio Moretti, guy on the right on second row mmm)

Ever since 2005 I have been eagerly waiting for new Strokes material, so I was EXTREMLY excited when I saw someone post the link to the new album 'Angles' preview a couple of weeks back on Facebook. I was writing an essay in the library, very early morning and I remember letting out a 'squeal' of happiness which gave me a few dodgy looks.
On first listen I was like 'yeh ok this is fairly good, not that 'Strokey' haha. Nothing seemed to really stand out to me at first and I was sort of disappointed, but now a few listens in and I'm hooked. I really like their 'new direction' and listening to it more I can notice the 'Strokiness'...yes I'm making up words...AH I'm in love, defo one of the albums I will play on repeat this summer.
Here are some of my favourite tracks:

Track 4 - You're So Right
Track 5 - Taken For A Fool
Track 6 -Games
Track 9 - Metabolism

Hope you like my favourites, you can hear the rest of the album here:



  1. Theyre headling leeds and reading, i want to go nowwwwww.

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    Helen, X

  2. I've always loved the strokes, I saw them a couple of years back & they were amazing live, you wouldn't be disappointed :)

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  4. I'm not a huge fan of the Strokes but they're very stylish guys :)