Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Sunny Day

...and everyone says Scotland has miserable weather!
Today was just such a pretty day. Woke up early to the sunshine (and noisy construction workers outside my window, oh well not everything can be perfect) and met my friend Belle for Starbucks. Took our coffees (iced skinny mocha for moi, mmm) to the Meadows, which is such a beautiful park right near my flat in Edinburgh. I'm so cheesy I know but I loved just sitting on a huge tree stump people watching and talking about how fast the first year of uni has gone. Tomorrow is my last official day of lectures/tutorials then FINISHED...well revision time and then two exams in May, but FINISHED. Feels like only a month ago I waved goodbye to my family, sat all alone in a scary, empty flat waiting for flatmates to arrive. Anyway enough of the cheesefest. Here is what I wore today, it's not particularly summery...I don't actually have many 'summer summer' clothes at the moment, I left my really summery dresses at home. Plus it wasn't exactly like 40 degrees or anything...even though a few topless men obviously thought so...
Oh and I'm trying to find new places to take photos in this flat...well this consisted of putting my camera on the fire alarm button box. How akward would it have been if one of my flatmates came home just as I was taking the photos...
One shoulder leopard print dress - Zara
Denim Jacket - Tammy Girl 

Not that you can see but I just wore my usual black studded Barratts brogues as well.

God I look terrible and so yes moving on...just casually flashing my new rings I brought from H&M on Princes Street, hahaha...well all of the thin bands and the large shield like ring, the other two rings I owned before. I decided to go for silver rings as I'm getting frustrated at how quickly the gold ones rust.
Ohhhhh and 'why flash the Passport too?' may you ask, well because I'm SUPER excited and keep showing off (sorry I haven't been on holiday since 2008, finally get to make good use of this recently renewed Passport) about how today I just booked my flight to see my sister in Marseille, South France in less than 2 weeks....eeeeek. SUN SUN SUN! BEACH BEACH BEACH! Only £28 for my flight I love Ryanair.
Hope you all had lovely sunny days too. Thanks again so much for all your comments :)


  1. Thats such a nice dress, really like the pattern!

  2. thank you so much for following sweetheart!! xx

  3. cute rings! i'm so jealous that you're going to france! have a fun trip : )

  4. lovely rings ! we are something like ring-addicted
    visit <3
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling