Monday, 28 March 2011

Take a walk on the wild side...

Turns out I couldn't resist the Topshop sale and yet again couldn't stay away from black. I'm trying really hard to avoid buying black clothes as recently it seems like all I buy, I even tell whoever is shopping with me to make sure I don't buy black. Yet I went shopping on my own today. Believe me I tried to seek out colours: I tried on mint and salmon coloured jeans in Zara, looked terrible on me. Tried burdundy peg leg trousers in Topshop, I looked like I instantly gained 20lbs. A baby blue top in H&M totally washed me out etc etc etc. I came to the conclusion I cannot work this 'colour blocking' or just general summery colours.
As much as I want to, I think I should just stick to my style that's fairly recently developed: leather, black, zips, chains, studs, ripped, fringed, distressed, gold, silver, khaki and denim...and tailored pieces. Not the most summery or maybe not the most 'in style' but whatever it's my style, I like wearing it and I'm not going to go put on a fluro pink and orange dress just because [insert fashion magazine of choice] told me to.
So this summer I'm going for a sort of 'New York rock chick meets L.A surfer girl'. If you get what I mean.
On that note, here is what I brought from the Topshop sale which is totally going to fit in with the look I'm going for...

This Topshop black fringed vest was originally £22, but marked down to £7 (£6.30 for me because of Student discount).
Sorry for the messy room in the photos, I'm packing to go home tomorrow! Excited!
I'm pretty proud of myself for only walking away from Princes St with just this top and nothing else for myself. Main reason for going shopping was because it's my mum's birthday soon as well as Mother's day. I ended up buying her this pretty floral shirt from Zara :)

Conclusion: I'm not totally rejected colours, but I'm not abandoning my love for black (liking black does not make me an emo or vampire so ssh). I'll leave you with the fine lyrics of Lou Reed and hope you have/had a lovely Monday...

Jackie is just speeding away
Thought she was James Dean for a day
Then I guess she had to crash
Valium would have helped that bash
Said, Hey babe,
Take a walk on the wild side
I said, Hey honey,
Take a walk on the wild side


  1. stunning outfit, who cares that you only wear black! :)

  2. love that top, i'm addicted to black too! but it looks good so oh well xx

  3. Looks really nice on you, try jazz it up abit by adding some junk jewellery necklace and bracelets should give it some more colour!

  4. amazing top

    love your blog, I'm following!

    I've got a CHANEL GIVEAWAY here... would love you to enter:


  5. Very beautiful t-shirt!!! :)


  6. I like your new top,nice purchase!

  7. I really like the top, it's so beautiful! :)

    What about following each other?
    I'm waiting for you on my blog :)
    I'll return the favor of course!

  8. that top is gorgoeus, definitely worth buying more black! i cant resist the sales either xx